Top Ten Tuesday #15: Books I Loved With Under 2,000 Ratings

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Hey guys! It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday, which is currently being run by the lovely Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl.  We knew instantly that we wanted to take part in this weekly meme because both of us love making list, so this is perfect!

This week’s (February 19th, 2019) topic is: Books I Loved With Under 2,000 Ratings

Since there are two of us running this blog (Melanie and Mireille), we’re going to break these memes up between us and each pick five!

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I was shocked when looking through my list on Goodreads what had under 2,000 ratings! There are so many wonderful books that are going under the radar.  All my suggestions were five star reads for me. Here are my top picks for this!

Scream all Night by Derek Milman
This is such a wonderful, heartfelt, eccentric and unique contemporary novel.  It’s quite hard hitting and deals with loss, siblings and abandonment.  The book is freaking brilliant and if you haven’t read it yet, then go get it!

Sanctuary (Sanctuary #1) by Caryn Lix
This is a book I love to recommend from anyone who needs something that has a great cast of characters, great writing and is insanely fast-paced. This is a sci-fi thriller with twists and turns everywhere and completely accessible if you are newer to the genre.

A Touch of Gold (A Touch of Gold #1) by Annie Sullivan
Pirates!! So many Pirates.  A Touch of Gold is a retelling of King Midas, that is all I had to hear for it to make it on my my anticipated list last year.  Thankfully, I was not let down and it was just such a fun and different book. Did I mention PIRATES?!?!!?

Dare You to Lie (Hometown Antihero #1) by Amber Lynn Natusch
Do you like Veronica Mars? Are you a MARSHMELLOW like me? Then you need this book.  It’s basically reads like a Veronica Mars episode and if you are like me and missing the show, go get you a copy of this book.

Odd & True by Cat Winters
I don’t know how this has under 2k ratings when it’s been out for a couple years.  That is such a shame.  This story has no romance and a very strong relationship between two sisters.  If you love dark historical fiction, with a dab of paranormal.  I would HIGHLY recommend this.  Cat Winters is perfection at writing these dark sorts of tales.

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Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria
I loved this books and absolutely dumbfounded that it has less then 500 ratings. It has everything you need great world building, fantastic diversity plus it’s a standalone which nowadays is hard to find in YA fantasy.

Scream All Night by Derek Millman
This book really took me by surprised. I wasn’t expecting it to be so hard hitting but it was. I will continue to rave about it and Derek until everyone has read it.

The Light Between Worlds by Laura Weymouth
This is truly a beautiful book and yet again I don’t know why people aren’t raving about this one. The writing is gorgeous

Love Songs & Other Lies by Jessica Pennington
I love Jessica, she’s such a lovely person and I absolutely adore her writing. I am not a huge contemporary reader but this book made me put Jessica in the auto-buy section of my TBR. It’s such a cute, fun read, perfect for the summer.

The Dollmaker of Krakow by RM Romero
This story was so heartbreaking but at the same time I saw a lot of hope in it too. People need to read this book, it was such an impactful read for me.

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What are books that you love that have less than 2000 ratings?

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