Indigo: We Hunt The Flame Unboxing


Unboxing time! This is a Canadian box from Indigo/Chapters, which is a bookstore that is all over Canada.  Basically a Canadian Barnes and Nobles type of place.  They have started to get into curating these cute little boxes that you can pick up from select YA titles.  This is the second box I’ve purchased, the first one was a King of Scars box and I was pleased with it.  This is a curated box for We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizel.

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Ink and Wonder Haul

A couple of weeks ago, the shop Ink and Wonder had a sale on past boxes and I ended up grabbing one and a few extras as well.  I picked up the Hallow’s Eve box because I’ve wanted it ever since I saw it last year.  This is my first time ordering from them and I was very happy with my purchase.  Since I got a pile of stuff from them, it seemed like a great time to do a little haul.

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Unboxing King of Scars Indigo Book Box



Hey Everyone! I have a little unboxing for you today.  I’m from Canada and our big bookstore chain is Indigo/Chapters and last year they started curating book boxes for certain YA books.  They have done a lot of different fandoms but none were really for me until I saw King of Scars book box – I clicked on that “add to cart” button so fast!


Several items in the box.  This wasn’t not a surprise book box, we knew what we were getting when we ordered.

First up! The hardcover of King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo and it’s handsigned.  Looks fantastic!


Then we have a pre-printed letter from Leigh Bardugo, which is cute.  I hate that they folded it in half though – why would you do that? You should still be able to read it though, if interested.



Last, but not least we have a very nice quality King of Scars travel mug and a honey scented hand cream (no idea what the correlation is to the book).  The handcream smells great and sells for $8 on their site, so it’s a nice extra item to get.  Oh! There is also a wee little Grishaverse button.


This box costs $30 CAN, which is honestly a great price.  It may seem high to the US readers but the book itself costs over $20 here and it wouldn’t be signed.  I’m hoping that Indigo/Chapters does some more cool boxes in the future.  The box is still available for purchase HERE.


What do you think of this box and did you pick up King of Scars in January/February as well?



December 2018 Owlcrate Unboxing – SPOILERS

owlcrate book box



Amber & Dusk by Lyra Selene – OC Signed Exclusive: This wasn’t a book that was on my radar at all but I love what they did with the cover.  The blue is stunning, I like it much more than the original cover.  I’m not super excited to read the book but I have enough interest that I will certainly get to it at some point. Note: This also came with a little necklace that was likely a pre-order item and it’s nothing special.  I won’t be wearing it.

The Crowns Game Ornament: I mean it’s beautiful but I have a super weird quirk – I hate the feel of unfinished wood, it makes me gag.  I’ll likely throw this into a giveaway at some point.  Stop judging me LOL

Caraval Tote Bag:  YAS! I was so excited about this.  One of my all-time favorite series and the bag is gorgeous! Very pleased with this.  Just incase, anyone wants to see the bag better, I’ve included a photo.


Lunar Queen Candle (not pictured): I love The Lunar Chronicles and this candle was cute.  I’m horrible at describing scents but it names blackberry as one of the scents and I really pick up notes of that.

The Night Circus Magnet: I have never read the book, although I do own it.  However, the magnet is a beautiful design and very good quality.

King of Fools Sampler: It’s a good size sample and I’ll be reading Ace of Shades this month, since Amanda Foody is visiting the TBR and Beyond group.

Yearly Owcrate Reading Planner: This was so much nice than I expected it to be.  Really beautiful design, lots of room for keeping track of your reading from month-to-month and some cute extras.  I already purchased Little Inklings reading planner, but what is great about this OC one, is that it has no dates so I can use it in the future.  Great item.  I’ve included a couple pictures from the inside of the planner to give you a better idea of what it looks like.

Overall, I loved this month’s Owlcrate.  I think they ended the year with a bang and I can’t wait to see what they have in-store for our next year! Did you get Owlcrate in December? What did you think of it?




November 2018 Owlcrate Unboxing SPOILERS

owlcrate book box

Yes, this post is really late because I didn’t get my box till the other day.  Canada Post was on strike (they have since been ordered back to work), so things were moving very slowly.  I figured I’d still do my November Owlcrate Unboxing all the same and give my thoughts on last month’s box.

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