Indigo: We Hunt The Flame Unboxing

Unboxing time! This is a Canadian box from Indigo/Chapters, which is a bookstore that is all over Canada.  Basically a Canadian Barnes and Nobles type of place.  They have started to get into curating these cute little boxes that you can pick up from select YA titles.  This is the second box I've purchased, the… Continue reading Indigo: We Hunt The Flame Unboxing

January 2019 OWLCRATE Unboxing – SPOILERS

  Head's up I didn't love this box, I liked it.  I'm very honest with my review of the items and may have thrown a little shade in a couple places.  However, if you loved all the items than that is wonderful, that makes me happy.  If I don't like something that you love, please… Continue reading January 2019 OWLCRATE Unboxing – SPOILERS