Mini Review! LGBTQIA+ Graphic Novels

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I’m going to be doing mini reviews on four graphics novels with some great LGBTQIA+ rep today.  I normally don’t do full reviews on graphic novels, just because they are shorter reads, and I’m always scared I’ll give too much of the story away.  I still like to give them some love and spotlight them though because I adore reading them so much.  Graphic novels are also a fantastic way to help you catch up on any Goodreads or reading challenges goals you have.

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LGBTQIA+ Books we want to read this summer!

LGBTQIA+ Books we want to read this summer!.png

Alright, we have another LGBTQIA+ post to celebrate pride month.  Honestly, we are always here for any excuse to promote queer novels.  These books are ones we are *hoping* to get to this summer and the selection is looking extra fantastic this year! We are feeling very privileged to be getting all these diverse reads coming out!

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