Owlcrate Wicked King Special Edition Unboxing



This Owlcrate is a little different than the regular monthly boxes, this was a limited special edition box for The Wicked King by Holly Black.  I believe this was also curated with Holly, which is pretty cool.  It was a little more costly and came with a few more items.  It is also the first time they’ve continued in a series with an exclusive cover that you can’t get anywhere else.  I should warn you now, that although I like a lot of the items – I don’t like them all and I’m giving my honest opinion.  If you loved everything in the box then that is super awesome – it just wasn’t a complete hit for me. Continue reading “Owlcrate Wicked King Special Edition Unboxing”

Our Top Ten Books We Read in 2018

This was a hard one for us! We are including any books that we read in 2018 despite the date published but we are NOT including any 2019 arcs.  It was hard enough to narrow it down without bringing in next year’s books as well! Ok, let’s get down to the list and yes they are counted down in order.

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