Game of Thrones Series Finale Hangover Kit

It’s here everyone! Are you all as scared as I am for the series finale tonight? It’s been quite a wild road, for better or worse – it all ends tonight.  I really wish they would’ve given us an extra season because with what all is going on, they really needed to develop those story lines but I digress.  I promised one last Game of Thrones post, so here it is! A post to help you with that Game of Thrones hangover you will be feeling later! Enjoy!

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Game of Thrones: What Would These Characters Be Reading? (Spoilers Season 1-7 Only)

You know what time it is! It’s Sunday, so that means another Game of Thrones post! I really wasn’t happy with last week’s episode, so I’m hoping tonight’s will make up for it and blow me away.  I thought I would have some fun this week and pick a few characters from the show and show what might be on their bookshelves! Since we are all readers, I thought we all might have some fun with this.  Obviously, if you are not a loyal watcher of Game of Thrones, these titles aren’t going to make a ton of sense to you but for those of you who have enjoyed the show over the seasons – enjoy! I had a blast making this post!

Please don’t take any offense to any of these, they are all for fun and alittle cheeky 🙂

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Game of Thrones: Top Ten Favorite Characters (Spoilers Seasons 1-7)

It’s Sunday again, so you know what that means! This week, I’m going to count down my all-time favorite characters on the show.  I will warn you now, the ladies outnumber the men by a lot on this list.  I can’t help it – they made a lot of amazing female characters! I will keep out any spoilers for the current season in my post – just incase someone is behind. I can’t believe we have only three more episodes to go.  I certainly thought we would lost a lot more in last week’s episode but I still did some crying, all the same.  I have a couple of really fun posts planned for the last two week’s of GoT, so watch out for them! This list is based completely on the television show, not the books. Alright, this countdown this list! My favorite character’s of all time!

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Game of Thrones: Who Do I Want on The Iron Throne? (Spoilers from season 1-7 only)

As promised, another Sunday GoT post this week.  I can’t believe how close we are getting to the end guys.  Tonight’s episode promises to be a crazy one! I’ve been thinking long and hard about who do I want to see on the throne and why when this insane show has come to and end and I think I sort of have an answer.

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Game of Thrones Top Five Saddest Moments (spoilers from season 1-7 only)

I did a Game of Thrones tag last week and people seemed to enjoy it, so I’m going to be doing GOT posts on Sunday for the next five weeks.  I have a couple really fun ones planned! I’m a massive fan of the television show, so it’s only right that I would celebrate the final season with some love.  This week I’m doing the top five moments that I found the most sad over the last seven seasons.  I’m obviously not counting season 8, I’m sure some of it would make this list.

I am counting down this list to the very saddest moment (so far) of this series! Any guesses what it is?


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