E-Arc Haul

Guys, Edelweiss has never been a great source of ebooks to me.  Both Mireille and I have been denied over and over for months – to the point where we had mostly given up.  We kept an eye on it for the stuff you could download for free without getting approved, since we never got approved.  Well. they seem to have changed their system because a lot of reviewers suddenly starting getting approved on the platform! Also, a massive change was Macmillian started letting Canadians request on the platform – before we couldn’t, so that was very exciting! At some point we’ll likely to a post on our experiences with both Netgalley and Edelweiss with tips and stuff but we are still a little new at it – especially with Edelweiss.

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Large Physical & E-Arc Haul!



I’ve stayed most on top of my arcs, but a few have gotten away with me but I’ll have them read very soon.  I have quite a pile right now but I know there are people with MASSIVE arc back hauls and that stresses me out just thinking about it.  I’m pretty picky with what I choose, which is hard because I want to request like 90% of what I see but I know I’ll never get to it in time.   Continue reading “Large Physical & E-Arc Haul!”