Review Policy



Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our review policy.  If you are an author or publisher please take the time to  read this page carefully before requesting from us.  If you are looking to be a featured read in our Online Book Community/Book Club TBR and Beyond – you can go HERE for more information.

TBR and Beyond is more than happy to consider your request, whether you are an author or publisher.  You can reach us at tbrandbeyond (at) gmail (dot) com – – please only use this or the contact form to contact us about this.  We might not see the request on our social media outlets.

We mostly accept physical copies and ebooks.  If it’s a physical copy then we WILL feature photos of it on our Facebook Group, TBR and Beyond.  As well as our other social media outlets.
We are currently accepting Young-Adult, New Adult, Middle-Grade and some Adult books.

The genres we review are: 

  • Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction
  • Contemporary (mostly diverse or geek based)
  • Thrillers, Horror, Paranormal and Mystery
  • Historical Fiction,
  • Dsytopian
  • We also review graphic novels.

We are do NOT accept Erotica, Christian Fiction, Non-Fiction or Self-Published authors.  We would love to be able to support all the self-published authors but our schedules do not allow it.

We are also open to:

  • Interviews
  • Blog Tours
  • Street Teams
  • Giveaways
  • Cover Reveals

What You can Expect From TBR and Beyond:

An honest and detailed review.   We will give any positive and/or negative thoughts on the book, but always in a constructive manner.  We are not interested in tearing a book to pieces, but we’ll always be completely honest.  The review will be placed on the blog, Goodreads, Indigo and Amazon.

All blog posts are posted on our our large TBR and Beyond group as well.  TBR and Beyond, is where we have the most reach to readers.  We have more than 2,900k members (all vetted to make sure they are actual accounts) and more than 35k comments, posts and reactions monthly. We will sometimes take a step further will recommend the book as a spotlight in the group or even pick it for a large group read.   This is not guaranteed and based solely on our like or dislike of the book.

If the book is Middle-Grade it will be featured on our weekly Middle-Grade Monday blog post, as well as spotlighted in the TBR and Beyond Facebook Group.

We cannot guarantee a time when we can read the books by, usually.  You can request it and we’ll do our best to to work with the deadlines, schedule depending.  We will have the reviews up before the book is released.  We do promise that we prioritize our arcs and will do our best to get them done in a timely manner.

Our Rating System:
– Holy Grail of Books: We rarely give this rating out and it’s for books that we will cherish forever and it will never leave our shelves. Perfection!
–  5 Stars: We loved it!
It was, or was close to, perfection in my eyes.
4 Stars: Still really enjoyed the book, but something held us back from giving it the full give stars.
– 3 Stars:  It was a fun read, we liked it well enough. We likely enjoyed the book well enough and might even recommend it, in some cases but it didn’t quite blow us away.
– 2 Stars:  Meh, didn’t enjoy/wasn’t for us. Didn’t like much about the book but had something going for it enough to not get the lowest rating. Nothing we’d recommend.
– 1 Star:  Hated it!
This rating is rarely given out and it likely flat-out offended us for one reason or another.  Just no!

We do NOT rate books we DNF, we sometimes mention them in posts and give our reasons why but unless we’ve read more than 75% of the book, then it will not get a rating.  We don’t feel it’s fair to the author.

We will do our very best to get back to everyone as fast as we can.  We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you.

You can contact us by emailing us at or by using the Contact Form on the page.