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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Rules are simple! Back by popular demand! The TBR and Beyond board game! This time we have a nice winter theme for you guys! All you have to do is print out the board game sheet (and dice if you’d like) and get started. Here are the basics:

Roll a dice (1-6 dice) and move your pawn as rolled. This works the same as any other board game – when you land on your space then complete that challenge and roll the dice again to move on. You have two months for this challenge so you have more than enough time to get through some, if not all of it.

You do NOT have to do every square, just the squares you land on when you roll the dice. Finishing the game is when you hit the finish line. The prompts on the squares are up to your interpretation.

You can use the book log sheet (print more than one if needed) to track the books you have read and have a sheet to hand in to us at the end.

We have provided a DIY dice and pawn that you can print out and easily put together, if you’d like or you can use your own at home. I will also link a digital dice in the comments, whatever works for you is fine to use.

Two people will win this challenge.

The first prize will be one of the newer release books on the prize photo below. The second prize will be a Harry Potter necklace and earrings from Mireille Chartier beautiful Etsy Shop –

Yes, the contest is INTERNATIONAL.

Points for the prize:

Participating – 2 points
Completing three challenges – 3 points
Completing five challenge – 5 points
Completing the game – 10 points

We will have a couple more ways during the challenge on ways you can earn some bonus points. We’ll announce them at random, so keep an eye out!

If you have any comments or questions just ask them in the group and we’ll get back to you asap!