March 2019 Owlcrate Unboxing – SPOILERS

owlcrate book box


My Owlcrate came quite quickly this month, which is always nice since I’m in Canada.  I was excited for this month’s theme – Murder and Mayhem, so let’s get this unboxing under way!



Skulls and Dagger Canvas Knapsack – I forgot to take a picture of this one for a closer look but you can see it in the top right corner – it’s very large and high quality.  It also has some faux leather on it that looks quite real.  I loved that it has a nice sturdy large pocket on the inside as well.


Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte Signed Exclusive Owlcrate Cover Edition – I’m excited to read this one, looks awesome.  I LOVE the color scheme they changed it to.  The original blue is nice but the red stands out more for me and really fits the book since it looks like blood.


Nevernight Beverage Tumbler – Just completely in love with this! Very high quality and a nice thick glass! It did come with a rubber holder thing, but I took it off so it wouldn’t block the beautiful design.  I don’t plan on drinking out of this – it will be put on display for sure. This is probably my favorite item this month.


Game of Thrones Stark Woodmark – How stunning is this? I’m a huge fan of the show and of the Starks.  Love how bold the red is!

This Savage Song Candle – You could get one of three I think and I got Malchai, who are pretty vicious in the story.  I’m totally ok with this one and it smells amazing! I don’t use candles because my dogs would burn the house down LOL but I do love them for my shelves.

Three Dark Crowns Sticker – I actually love bookish stickers because I have a Bookish Planner and I like putting them all over it.  This one is beautiful, I haven’t read the book yet but I am looking forward to it!

Four Dead Queens Monthly Enamel Pin – I’m really digging the pins that OC is sending us every month.  I actually ordered a canvas banner so I can start hanging them up! This one is amazing as always and I love that it has a little spinning arrow on it.

Overall, I thought this month was amazing – my favorite this year so far.  I love how the colors all go together and the fandoms are great.  Nothing I didn’t like in this month’s box.

Did you get March’s Owlcrate box? What did you think?