Ink and Wonder Haul

A couple of weeks ago, the shop Ink and Wonder had a sale on past boxes and I ended up grabbing one and a few extras as well.  I picked up the Hallow’s Eve box because I’ve wanted it ever since I saw it last year.  This is my first time ordering from them and I was very happy with my purchase.  Since I got a pile of stuff from them, it seemed like a great time to do a little haul.



Yep, I got all this stuff.  Mind you, they included a lot in their monthly box and I’ll mark down if it came from the Hallow’s Eve box or not as we go.


This is what made me purchase The Hallow’s Eve box in the first place, how freaking gorgeous is this? A Harry Potter Spirit Board – I’m dead! No, I’m not superstitious about spirit boards/ouija but they are really cool to look at I think.  This is by far my favorite item and it’s already up on decoration.


Clever as the Devil sew on patch.  This quote is from the lesser known Holly Black book, White Cat.  I don’t really have much use for patches, so it will likely go in a giveaway at some point.  (Hallow’s Eve Box)

Morticia, Addams Family Magnet.  Very cute and I love the movie, so it’s already on my fridge.  (Hallow’s Eve Box)

Inner Eye Enamel Pin.  I have been collecting enamel pens for only a hot second because Owlcrate is giving them monthly now, but this one is cute and will go on my pin banner.  (Hallow’s Eve Box)

Little Sticker Sheet.  I picked this one up as an extra because it was really cheap and a couple of them were really cute I thought.

Niffler Sticker – OMG how freaking adorable is this? I paid a few dollars extra for this and totally don’t regret it.  It’s already on my book planner – looking stylish.

Pyrithian Home Sweet Home Sticker – Picked this up because I thought it would love cute on my book journal and I’m total trash for ACOTAR.


Shakespeare’s Eye of Newt Poem – This one is double sided and looks great. (Hallow’s Eve Box)

Molly Weasley Bookmark – I picked this one up because look at it! It’s perfect and Molly Weasley is such an underrated hero!

Illuminae Bookmark – I’m obsessed with this series and I love my girl Kady, so I grabbed this as well.

Carrie Bookmark – This is such a me bookmark! I have Carrie as a Funko covered in blood as well – this is great! (Hallow’s Eve Box)

The Corpse Bride Bookmark – I am actually not a big fan of this movie – I think it has some cool things about it but I just never fell in love with it like Nightmare Before Christmas.  However, this bookmark is beautiful and I’m happy to have it. (Hallow’s Eve Box)

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Bookmark – I haven’t read anything by Laini Taylor yet and I know that means I should give up my YA card immediately but I promise I will in the future! This book mark is stunning and I love the colors used. (Hallow’s Eve Box)

Halloween Sticker Sheet – Lots of cool stickers on this one, including Anna Dressed in Blood, Buffy (my fave!), ACOTAR, Rocky Horror, and Frankenstein.  Great addition.  (Hallow’s Eve Box)

Ink and Wonder Drawstring Bag – I show to show this because it’s cute and it’s what the Spirit Board came in.  (Hallow’s Eve Box)

poster (1)

Stalking Jack the Ripper Poster – I love this and adore the series.  Audrey is amazing and I plan on getting a frame for this little poster and hanging it in my bedroom.

5 books longer

Have you guys ever ordered from Ink and Wonder before? Is there a favorite item that I’ve shown in this post that you like? Let me know in the comments!