Game of Thrones: Who Do I Want on The Iron Throne? (Spoilers from season 1-7 only)

As promised, another Sunday GoT post this week.  I can’t believe how close we are getting to the end guys.  Tonight’s episode promises to be a crazy one! I’ve been thinking long and hard about who do I want to see on the throne and why when this insane show has come to and end and I think I sort of have an answer.

It’s tricky because a million things could still happen and as of now, no one is dead but even tonight’s episode could change that, so I’m writing this before anything has happened.  I’m not sure that any ONE person will have the Iron Throne in the end and that would make me forever happy.  I really do want to see it split up.  I’ll go into that a little more in the end but if ONE person does have to take the Iron Throne, my choice is….. *drum roll please*



reqN79hYep, I’m going for someone that I would have not dreamed I’d be saying if you asked me in season one but Sansa has become a major power player and I’ve loved watching her evolve.  Even if you asked me two seasons ago who I wanted on the throne, I still would’ve been team Dany, but least season it changed completely for me.  I’ve been a Sansa fan since about season two I would say.  I watched her from a young, native wide-eyed girl to a masterful, brilliant political leader.  No, she leads very different from people like Jon or Dany, but that doesn’t mean she leads any lesser.  She is a political player, more than a fighter and this girl has learned from the absolute best.  She learned the game from masterminds like Cersei, Tyrion, Margaery, Lady Tyrell and lastly one of the most bc171f2719afa4020876730307a08209slipperly – Little Finger.  I mean you couldn’t have gotten better teachers if you tried – she watched them, she made many mistakes along the way but she was a quick learner – she kept her head down and her mouth shut for a very long time.  Of course, that is until it was time to make her move.  Her first real power play was getting Little Finger on her side and going against Jon Snow and ultimately winning them The Battle of the Bastards.  Little Finger is sometimes an under-estimated player but he’s been behind some of the biggest moves, including the death of Ned Stark, since the beginning.

Her biggest power play move by far though, was when the student became the master and she finally took out Little Finger.  His fatal mistake was giving her to Ramsey Bolton and she never forgot – she was smart though, she used him when she needed and when he was no longer use to her – it was time to get rid of him.   That is when I gained complete respect for her – so many people have been manipulated and outsmarted by this man but she had watched him for too long and became much smarter in the end – his execution was a major highlight last season.

Let’s not forget that Sansa has suffered unmentionable abuses from the likes of Joffrey and Ramsey and she DID survive them.  She could’ve broken down or completely lost sansa2-660x439herself and all her humanity but no, she grew stronger and smarter with each thing that was done against her and more and more determined to protect the North.  Sansa might not be a physical fighter but she is infact a FIGHTER – this girl should be dead 100 times over and her brains are what kept her alive.

Game-of-thrones-Sansa-and-TyrionLast but not least she LOVES the North, she loves the people.  She listens to them, she knows them, she  has their trust and loyalty and she has compassion towards them.  Yes, can come across as cold but she has to get a job done and be listened to but she is doing it all for the North – that has NEVER wavered once.

If it goes my way though – Sansa will sit in the North, Dany will take Casterly Rock, Yara will take The Iron Ilses and so on.  I really don’t think Jon should be on a throne – he is sansa-stark-2700x1800-sophie-turner-arya-stark-maisie-williams-game-7624good at leading his men but he doesn’t have any passion to lead a country, not does he have ANY political strength in my opinion.  I also might be a bit bias because I don’t want to see a man take it – I really want to see a woman take at least the majority! I’d love to see Tyrion take a spot – maybe Casterly if Dany takes something else or stay on as her hand.  Ayra needs to stay with Sansa because sisters for life! I mean half these people are likely going to die – for all I know, the Night King will take the throne LOL

This is just an opinion – please do not take this as a personal attack if you have a completely different opinion.  This is just a fun show and everyone is passionate about it and feels differently and that is awesome!

Let me know who your choice would be!