Game of Thrones Top Five Saddest Moments (spoilers from season 1-7 only)

I did a Game of Thrones tag last week and people seemed to enjoy it, so I’m going to be doing GOT posts on Sunday for the next five weeks.  I have a couple really fun ones planned! I’m a massive fan of the television show, so it’s only right that I would celebrate the final season with some love.  This week I’m doing the top five moments that I found the most sad over the last seven seasons.  I’m obviously not counting season 8, I’m sure some of it would make this list.

I am counting down this list to the very saddest moment (so far) of this series! Any guesses what it is?


Number Five! The Death of Ygritte – “You know nothing Jon Snow.” 


I shipped Ygritte and Jon so much, they just fit and I don’t feel like I’ll ever feel that way about anyone else with his character.  I know that a lot had went down between the two by the end of of it but she was still his first true love.  Also, how precious is it that the actors are actually married in real-life? *swoon*

Number Four – The Red Wedding – “The Lannisters send their regards.”

I haven’t read the books and I managed to stay away from spoilers, so this was the shock gameofthronesof the century for me.  I remember just watching with my mouth hung open the entire time and not having a clue how I felt about everything I was watching.  The only reason this isn’t higher up on the list is because none of the characters that died were favorites and also because I felt more shock and horror than anything else.  The actress that played Lady Kat was incredible and raw in this scene.  It stole my breath away.  I’m still not over the stabbing of Rob’s pregnant wife though. Not to mention they killed yet another dire wolf – would they please stop that!

Number Three – Dire Wolves – “The wolf is of the north, she deserves better than a butcher.”

What is with this show and killing off the Dire Wolves? I don’t have many triggers in books or television but a dog being killed is probably my number one.  I just can’t reallyfile_18280_column_game-of-thrones-actress-adopts-dog handle it, as someone who has three furbabies of their own.  I remember the very first death of the Dire Wolf, Lady, and I sobbed uncontrollably.  I’ve cried for every one since as well.  If they kill off Jon’s Dire Wolf, Ghost, then I’m quitting life and moving to a cabin in the woods that has no electricity! Also, this is when I truly became to hate Cersei – I never forgave her for insisting that Lady be killed.

Number Two – Shireen Baratheon Burned at the Stake  – “Lord of Light, show us the way…”

twebwyglurkxuhtrrwa4I had a hard time debating if this was number one or number two on this list.  I didn’t see this death coming and I found it unbelievably brutal.  Shireen was a light on the show, a little bit of humanity in a show that has very little.  The idea that her own father agreed to sacrifice his innocent young daughter for a chance at winning the Iron Throne is too horrific for words.  I bawled my eyes out watching this young girl scream for her family as they just stood their and watched her burned.  It’s even more upsetting that it was all for nothing – he lost the battle and his life shortly thereafter and I took great pleasure in watching Brienne of Tarth do the honors.

Number One – Hodor’s Sacrifice – “Hold the Door.”


bran-stark-and-hodor-issac-hempstead-wright-and-kristian-nairn-helen-sloanWas their really any doubt that Hodor was going to get the top spot here? Like Shireen, he was a completely innocent character and his childlike innocence easily drew viewers to him.  Another shining light in Westeros, we watched as Hodor watched and protected 8c8f129f4cd5c96715d3ec63c4727520a9d5c6bd7582c8686e0a7bf53c2155d8-1.jpegBran Stark from all harm and got him where he was destined to go.  He was fiercely loyal and that never wavered even once.  When we finally got his backstory and learned that he was never really saying “Hodor” but “Hold the door” it was heartbreaking.  Still one of the most selfless people to ever grace Game of Thrones.

What were the saddest moments from GoT for you so far? Did you agree with any on my list? Let me know in the comments below!