What is TBR and Beyond?

TBR and Beyond started as an online Facebook bookish community.  It has grown quickly and we have branched out into a blog, so we can keep our members up-to-date.  We are have a wonderfullly loyal and passionate group of members who share in our love of all things books.

How did TBR and Beyond get started?

After being in the online book community for about a year, Melanie decided she wanted to create an online community for readers who loved books as much as she did.  It started out as trying to create a safe-space with zero drama and has grown quickly into so much more.  TBR and Beyond went live at the end of January 2018 and the rest is history.

What can you expect in the TBR and Beyond community group on Facebook?

We are very much like a large bookish family.  TBR and Beyond primarily focuses on YA and New Adult books, but we do like to branch out to middle-grade and adult from time-to-time.  You will find things such as monthly group reads (we always have several – so lots of options), a monthly reading challenge, bookish chat, bookish games, tons of recommendations, meeting lots of amazing new book friends, prizes and so much more!

We are also so proud to say that every month we have a couple of published authors come in and speak with the group on an online live chat – we have tons of fun and sometimes get them to give us little sneak peeks to upcoming works. Not to mention there are usually some swag prizes given out at each live chat! To see our current author schedule, please click HERE.

What can you expect on the TBR and Beyond blog and why was it created?

TBR and Beyond has been growing at a very fast pace, much more than we ever could have expected.  We made this blog so that our members would have a place to find out everything that is going on in the TBR community, as well as be able to highlight more books with reviews and hopefully allow the members to get to know us even better – if that is possible!

Do you have to be a member of the TBR and Beyond bookclub to join in group reads, events, etc?

Yes, you do. You can sign up HERE.

How are group reads chosen for TBR and Beyond?

After a couple years of running TBR and Beyond, we have a pretty good understanding of what our members are most interested in and we always take that into account when picking group reads.  We try and do a mix of highly-anticipated books, as well as books that might be going under the radar a little.  We love supporting diverse and debut authors in particular.

When are TBR and Beyond group reads, events and live author chats announced each month?

Group reads and events are normally posted a few days before the end of the month.  We do not have an exact reveal date but if it’s a bigger challenge then we do try and give extra notice.

As for author chats – we announce quite a bit beforehand.  This gives everyone a chance to pick up the featured author’s book and get it read before the live chat.

How can I find what events and group reads are going on in TBR and Beyond?

You can find what events and group reads are going on by coming to the blog and checking it out.  We also will be doing a monthly blog update near the end of each month with all the different things we have going on with direct links.

You can also find our schedule at the top of the Facebook page for TBR and Beyond,  the current one is always up.  We also have the all the events and the direct links in a pinned post at the top of the TBR and Beyond Facebook page.

Does TBR and Beyond give book recommendations and where can I find them?

You will be able to find many book recommendations on this blog.  As well, we do weekly recommendations on the Facebook Bookclub such as: Hidden Gems (lesser known books), Thriller Thursday, Middle-Grade Monday, Saturday Night Fever – Sexy Reads, and Graph Attack Wednesday (Graphic Novels).

How do monthly events work and how can I join?

You will find the rules to our events in the TBR and Beyond group.

If I win a prize on TBR and Beyond, when can I expect it to ship? Is it International?

We do international often but not always.  Please check the giveaway details on each one.  We send out all prizes at the end of the month – regardless of when you won.

I am an author and would like to promote my novel in your group, can I do that? What about another blog or group?

Please contact one of the admins or mods to get permission.  This is on a case-by-case basis.

Does your blog/group accept books for review? What formats do you accept? 

You can find information about our review policy Here.

How can I be a moderator for TBR and Beyond?

We are not currently accepting applications but we do advertise in the group when we are.  My best advice is stay active in the group, we only choose moderators that are already active and friendly within the group.