BOOKENDING SPRING 2019: Unorganisation: The Bane of Existence. Or not…


We are taking part in the  Bookending Spring 2019 event this year.  There are lots of fun blog prompts and I am so happy to be participating in this one.  This prompt was created by Charvi @ Not Just FictionBe sure to go check her blog out.

Since this edition of Bookending is all about Spring Cleaning and Tidying up, the subject for today’s prompt is Unorganisation: The Bane of Existence. Or not…

Though I try to be as organized as I can, the truth of it is, I’m a very chaotic person. My idea of tidying up is to make piles and when those piles are on the verge of tipping over… just start a new pile. One day when I was younger, my niece came into my room and after assessing the state of it, she threw herself on my bed and asked me how can you live! Meaning how can you live in such an untidy space. Kids, they do say the darness things, don’t they? Though she couldn’t understand it, the truth is everything as a place even in messiness. I know where everything is, maybe from memory or just a sixth sense, I don’t know but I do find what I need without searching for hours.

I read once that unorganized people tend to be more creative and think outside the box. I’m not sure if there is much fact in this statement but I do know that in my case it is. Maybe it’s because there is less constriction in our way of thinking, I’m not sure or maybe it’s because we don’t spend as much time on organizing everything that we have more time to occupy our mind with other things.

There are sometimes that I wish I was a bit more organized, like for instance at work. I tend to go in every direction and not complete anything. Maybe, if I was able to be a little more focus on one thing and know how to plan better, I would probably lose less time on some projects and meet better deadlines. Same with blogging, I should better plan and organize my reviews. I tend to start them a week or so after finishing the book and struggle to organize my thoughts.

With good intentions I decided to make a list (I do love making lists) of things I want to work on in 2019 to be better organized:

  • Write down my to do list and work through each one, one at a time
  • Take better notes and start reviews earlier after finishing a book
  • Get more shelves to better organize my books and not leave them all on the floor

I don’t think being disorganized or unorganized is the worst bane there is, but maybe the balance is somewhere in the middle a little organization mixed with some messiness.