April 2019 Owlcrate Unboxing (Spoilers)


Another month, another Owlcrate.  April’s theme was The Dark Side, which I was very excited for.  It also had one of my favorite books of the year so far in it. In Mya, I’m actually getting two Owlcrate boxes – the normal monthly box and the special edition box for Finale that is supposed to ship on May 7th, so keep an eye out for those! Alright, let’s get on to April’s unboxing.


This box, as you can see was pretty stuff with various items, I didn’t really get a great photo of these but I’ll break it all down.


OC Signed Exclusive Cover Edition of Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan –   I’m in love with the darker cover on this one.  I adore the original cover as well but feel that this one sets the theme a little better with the whole blood mage thing.  Completely love it.  I took a picture of the naked book as well – it’s a beautiful deep red with a quote – this is on the original copy as well.  Also, the signed extra page, of course.  Very happy.  If you are curious what I thought about this book, you can read my non-spoiler, Wicked Saints Review.

WS3Throne of Glass Notebook – Ok I haven’t read this series yet but I’m in love with this notebook, how stunning is this? I don’t even know if I want to use it or display it.  So pretty!

Monthly Enamel Pin – This month is a Wicked Saints pin and it’s really cool.  I’m really happy that they switched over to these types of pins.  I was never much of a pin fan before but I’m getting into these now.

Vicious Pop Socket – I haven’t read Vicious but Victoria Schwab is queen and I am planning on reading the duology this year, so I was really happy to get this.  I will def put it to use.

Six of Crows Socks – Another book, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read.  However, I’m determined to get this duology read by the end of the year as well.  I think the socks are fantastic but I’m not sure it they will fit – I wish they would do little ankle socks.



OC Pin Canvas Banner – I’ve been waiting for OC to do one of these forever.  I don’t understand what took them so long.  I’m glad they finally got to it though, since they started sending out higher quality pins.  Will def put this to use.

Grisha inspired scarf – This was based on the Shadow and Bone series, which I enjoy and the scarf is beautiful.  I don’t really wear scarves but I think I can put this to use in IG or something or use it as a decoration.  It’s very light, kind of like a fashion scarf I guess you would call it.  Not sure what the material is, it’s not silk.


That’s it for this box.  Overall, I loved this box, there wasn’t anything I disliked and lots I loved and will completely use.  Totally hit! Next month is Epic Adventures and I know what the book will be and I can’t wait!

What did you think of this box? Did you get it in April as well? Did you have a favorite item? Let me know in the comments below!