Stalking Shadows by Cyla Panin Book Tour – Interview with the author!

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Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 400
Publisher: Amulet Books
Published: September 14th, 2021

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A gothic YA fantasy debut about a young woman striving to break her sister’s curse and stop the killing in her small French town

Seventeen-year-old Marie mixes perfumes to sell on market day in her small eighteenth-century French town. She wants to make enough to save a dowry for her sister, Ama, in hopes of Ama marrying well and Marie living in the level of freedom afforded only to spinster aunts. But her perfumes are more than sweet scents in cheap, cut-glass bottles: A certain few are laced with death. Marie laces the perfume delicately—not with poison but with a hint of honeysuckle she’s trained her sister to respond to. Marie marks her victim, and Ama attacks. But she doesn’t attack as a girl. She kills as a beast.

Marking Ama’s victims controls the damage to keep suspicion at bay. But when a young boy turns up dead one morning, Marie is forced to acknowledge she might be losing control of Ama. And if she can’t control her, she’ll have to cure her. Marie knows the only place she’ll find the cure is in the mansion where Ama was cursed in the first place, home of Lord Sebastien LeClaire. But once she gets into the mansion, she discovers dark secrets hidden away—secrets of the curse, of Lord Sebastien . . . and of herself.

Congratulations on your debut novel! Will you be doing anything to celebrate the release of Stalking Shadows?

Thank you! Yes, I have a launch event Sept. 14 with Jessica Olson hosted by Owl’s Nest Books. Offline, I’m hoping to (safely) celebrate with a family and a few friends and a book cake!

I am obsessed with Beauty and the Beast retellings, what made you want to give your spin on this classic tale?

I stumbled across an article about the Beast of Gévaudan, which was a beast (no one actually knows what it was) that killed more than a 100 people in an area of France in the 18th century. Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favourite fairy tales, and the original version was published in France in that century as well — before the events in Gévaudan, but it still got me thinking about the idea of a beast in your midst. The creature that haunted Gévaudan often killed women and children because they were unarmed, and I wanted to imagine two girls who were not only armed, they were the ones to be feared — a beast and it’s controller. 

What really sets Stalking Shadows apart from other Beauty and the Beast retellings?

There are many wonderful Beauty and the Beast retellings and I think every author brings something new with their version of the story. I would say STALKING SHADOWS is truly more of a reimaging, with nods to the original. The biggest departure from BatB is probably that my story focuses more on the relationship between sisters Marie and Ama than it does on romance. There is a love interest, and there’s a slow build romance, but it’s Ama who’s always at the core of Marie’s heart.

Would you like to try your hand at any other retellings in the future? Do you have a favorite fairytale (other than Beauty and the Beast)?

I love fairy and folk tales, especially learning about their origins and “original” forms (I use quotation marks because it’s often hard to pin down a fairy tale’s original telling, if not impossible). I studied them a bit in university and have been pretty fascinated by darker fairy tales since reading ELLA ENCHANTED by Gail Carson Levine. My next book, out fall 2022, has roots in both fairy tales and folk tales, but it’s more a reimaging than a retelling. I suspect most of my writing will have an element of that. My favourite fairy tale other than Beauty and the Beast is probably The Little Mermaid. I grew up during peak Disney time and watched their version over and over again, and then my mom bought me a book of Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales when I was a kid and the story of The Little Mermaid was so hauntingly sad and beautiful.

Do you read retellings? Do you have any recommendations for my readers? 

I do! I recently finished SMALL FAVORS by Erin Craig and it’s a loose Rumpelstiltskin retelling (another of my favourite tales!). I’ve also really enjoyed FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS by Julie C. Dao and UPROOTED by Naomi Novik. 

If you were going to describe Stalking Shadows in five words, what would they be?

Dark, cold, haunting, bloody


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Cyla Panin is an MG, YA and Adult Author who prefers to look at the world through a dusting of magic.

After spending most of her childhood wanting to escape into the wonderful worlds her favourite authors created, she’s now using her own words to craft magical places. When not writing, Cyla can be found playing dinosaurs with her two young boys, watching swashbuckling and/or period TV shows with her husband, and, of course, reading.

Her YA debut, STALKING SHADOWS will be out with Amulet, Abrams Fall 2021. She is represented by Chloe Seager of the Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV, and Film Agency.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

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