Am I back?

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That is a great question! I hope I am back! Right at this moment, I’m back!

I have been gone from blogging for what seems like forever. I honestly got frustrated and overwhelmed by blogging last time I tried and just knew it wasn’t the right time to come back and wasn’t sure if I ever would. The frustration came from how bloggers are treated by a lot of the YA community and publishers sometimes as well. It just felt like if you weren’t a Youtuber or now a Tiktoker than you weren’t as relevant. However, I don’t blog to be famous or known, I blog because I love books and I love the community and it’s just a great outlet for me. I think I really needed the long break, but I’m feeling motivated to try and get back into things.

I also co-created TBR and Beyond Tours, which is a book tour company and that has been going so well – we never thought we could be as successful at it as we have been and it’s been amazing. It’s also been taking up a HUGE amount of my time but I’ve loved every minute of it. So, along with that andddd being the lead admin over on Facebook’s TBR and Beyond’s Book Club – it’s just been a crazy busy time!

I have NO idea what my schedule will look like, I’m coming back in with a “see how I feel” kind of attitude and I just want to blog without putting super strict guidelines on myself – just blog because I love it and want to have fun with it again.

I have so many blog posts ideas, so now I just have to focus myself and really get my ass in gear and start writing some! Ugh, I also have to get used the newer layout on WordPress – it was just coming in when I left and now I’m figuring stuff out again LOL

Anyway, I’m excited to blog again and excited to catch up with all you lovely book people!

5 thoughts on “Am I back?

    1. I’m still kind of figuring stuff out and if it’s really for me. I think if I stop this time around then I’ll be done for good. Right now I’m still on the fence but I am starting to enjoy it. It’s a lot of work though getting back into things and re-introducing myself to the blogging community and whatnot.


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