Rant Review! Scared Little Rabbits by A.V. Geiger



My rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Genre: YA Thriller
Pages: 335
Publisher: Sourcebook Fire
Published: December 3rd, 2019




When Nora gets accepted into her dream summer program at the prestigious Winthrop Academy, she jumps at the chance to put her coding skills to use. But then a fellow student goes missing—and the tech trail for the crime leads back to Nora. With no one else to trust, Nora must race to uncover the truth and clear her name…or she might be the next to disappear. – Synopsis by Goodreads. 


Oh boy, where do I even start with this mess? I read and really enjoyed the author’s first book, Follow Me Back.  It wasn’t great writing or anything, but it was addicting and had a great twist at the end.  I was pretty excited to see she had a new book coming out, I actually pre-ordered Scared Little Rabbits and read it very shortly after it arrived. WHAT. A. HOT. MESS.  If you don’t like rant reviews, then move along – this is not for you.

The basic premise is our main character, Nora goes to an elite summer program at “Winthrop Academy Summer Maker Program”.  Nora’s there to work on a tech project she submitted for the next three works, but things get a little crazy when another girl in the program goes missing and Nora is the number one suspect.  I am all over books that feature young women in STEM programs, like yes! Give me more of this! Throw in a crime, I’m listening! How the hell did this author make sure a mess of such a cool premise?

First of all, we do get some talk of some of the tech projects going around, but nothing goes very in-depth.  It didn’t really make me feel very immersed in the whole story when the tech kids make incredible, innovative projects seem a little too simple or basic all the time.  My major issue though is we have a supposedly really intelligent, full of potential female main character, who has worked insanely hard to get a chance to come to this prestigious program and within the first day – the FIRST DAMN DAY,  she becomes completely enamored with the most popular guy around.  Yep, screw everything you worked for because OH MY GOD – IT’S A BOY!!!  Of course, he is instantly drawn to her – even though she is the author writes her as this really awkward, shy and never had a boyfriend type of girl, so of course, those sparks fly instantly.  Too bad he is already dating the most popular girl in school – kill me now.  This story is about to become about a couple hundred pages of, “Omg you’re a guy *teeehee* “Omg I’m a girl”* blush blush*” and forget any intelligence this story might have ever had a chance of having (which was very little).

We also have some of the stupidest catty shit I ever have seen and I’ve watched my share of teen drama’s growing up.  Most of it makes no sense and makes even littler sense when everyone else around goes along with it as if it’s law.  We also have a bunch of the popular kids that are working on a virtual reality simulation where you can put on a headset and see whatever reality they have uploaded.  This is cool in theory but not in practice – at least in this awful book.  These idiots are all walking around in an uncontrolled environment testing this shit out and trusting what they see on the screens – while walking around things like trees, pools, etc… Oh and flipping giant cliffs.  Yeah, I’d totally go tramping through the woods with a protype on my head and no one watching where I was stepping.  Geniuses go to this school I tell you.

The mystery is basic – been there, done that.  It was predictable and just sloppy.  If you haven’t figure this out by now, I didn’t enjoy this book at all. I think I only finished it to see how much more stupid it could get. I haven’t decided if I’ll try the author’s next work or not.  This was just a hot mess though.


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