TBR and Beyond is BACK!

Hey Everyone!  Yes! TBR and Beyond Blog is up and running again! I’m sorry I was gone much longer than planned but my health kicked my ass last month and I just got nowhere with anything! You may have noticed that a few things have changed for the blog.  First one being:

It’s just ME! I’m all alone now!

giphy (1)

That’s right, Mireille and I have parted ways.  I kicked her to the curb and said, “NEVER COME BACK.”


Ok, ok – I might have just lied.  But, who doesn’t want some drama! The truth is so boringgggg.  In reality, Mir and I are still close as ever – she is still over on the Facebook Group TBR and Beyond with me (as an admin), we just work on very different schedules and decided we wanted to try going solo for our blogs.  We still work very closely together on other TBR projects though.

giphy (3)

On that note, GO FOLLOW Mir’s new blog! It’s awesome and it’s full of cats and books! No really – go support Mirielle! I’ll wait! FOLLOW HERE!   Also, notice the new awesome graphics? Mir made those! She does custom graphics at great prices and has done quite a few for a bunch of book bloggers! I am loving my new pink girlie theme!!!

giphy (4)

I don’t 100% know what my schedule will be for blogging right now.  I’m just taking it one step at a time, but I’m excited to be back in any capacity at all right now! I can’t wait to interact with you all and just catch up again!!!!



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