Characters I’d Like to Dress Up As for Halloween

Characters I’d Like to Dress Up As for Halloween.png

Happy Halloween everyone! If you celebrate, we hope you have an amazing night and get lots of candy and have fun dressing up! Or like us, give candy out to all the little ghouls and goblins that visit your door tonight!


Artist Unknown

Meredy and Lysander from Reign of the Fallen
I love the book Reign of the Fallen and who doesn’t want to be a freaking badass beastmaster with a pet bear! I have a 100lb mixed rescue dog named Pepper (pictured on the far right) and I think she would be perfection dressed up as LYSANDER ! Why haven’t I made this happen?!?!?!


Artwork by Phantom Rim

Audrey from Stalking Jack the Ripper
I think I just want to walk around in a fancy dress while carrying a scalpel.  There is nothing creepy about that, right?


Artist Unknown

Alossa from Daughter of a Pirate King
Who wouldn’t want to dress up as this fierce YA female? Alossa is a favorite of mine in YA and this photo is perfection on how I imagine her.


Artwork by ASTARTHE

Cress from Lunar Chronicles
I adore this character, but I just want to wear like 10 lbs of hair.  Is that too much to ask?!?!


Artwork by Monolime

Alina from Grishaverse
Alina is not one of my favorite characters, but I think a costume for her would be incredible.

mireille signature

squirrel girl by pungang.png
artwork by Pungang

Squirrel Girl from Squirrel Girl
I said this before I love this character she’s one of my favourite superheroes. Doreen is the funnest most positive character out there. I would love dress up as her.

Lemonfresh by mona may
artwork by Mona May

Lemon Fresh from Lifel1k3
Lemon Fresh is my favourite character from Lifel1k3. She is just the most spunky character out there. Plus I think I could pull off this outfit.

13th doctor by Babrsart
artwork by Barbsart

The 13th Doctor from Doctor Who
Doctor Who is my favourite show. When they announced that the 13th Doctor would be a woman I was so excited. I think that Jodi embodies everything that the Doctor is for me.

cather by simini
artwork by Simini Blocker

Cather from Fangirl
Cath is probably the character with which I identify the most. It would be a pretty subtle costume cause we have similar styles but it still would be fun to do. Now if I can just get Levi to bring me a coffee.

artwork by Monolime

Mia Corvere from Nevernight
Now you didn’t think I could do a post without putting Mia on it did you? Neither did I. It would be totally kickass to dress up as her.

5 books longer

Have you ever dress up as one of your favourite characters? Who would you like to dress up as? Let us know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Characters I’d Like to Dress Up As for Halloween

  1. Puppy! 😍 Your dog is so cute! My dog won’t ever be anything for Halloween because he’s scared of costumes. I would love to dress up as Audrey Rose, but I don’t think I would be able to wear a corset all night, haha.


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