Mini Reviews: The Mericiless Series 1- 4 (Non-Spoiler)

Hey guys! I’m finally getting around to doing my mini reviews on a series that a  lot of readers seem to be pretty curious about – The Merciless Series by Danielle Vega.  I will not be going into trigger warnings because there are just too many and I don’t tend to give really detailed warnings when it comes to horror, unless is something such as sexual assault.  Just assume basically everything and anything but remember it’s a YA book, so they can only go so far.  That being said, let’s get on with the reviews!


The Merciless
hearts 4

By far my favorite of the series, this one really goes for it in terms of horror and I really wasn’t positive how it would turn out.  All these girls are a little psycho, think Regina George trying to save your soul through a little Exorcism, not a great thought.  Our main character was sympathetic and logical most of the time, so I was rooting for her.  This  was marketed as Mean Girls meets The Exorcist and while this book is neither as well done or intelligent as either of those films – it’s still a good time.  If you like gory, campy, horror with some crazy bitches then pick this one up.


The Merciless II: The Exorcism of Sofia Flores
Oh where did we go wrong? So, after I had read the first book I went and ordered all the rest (thankfully mostly off Bookoutlet), so I could go on a gory binge fest.   I was really excited to see where this one would take us after the ending of the first – boy was I disappointed.  I thought it was over-the-top, but not in a good way.  I hated the male character, he annoyed me so badly and I felt the whole plot and any twists were eye rolling at best.  It was mostly a chore to get through this one and made me not want to read on in the series honestly.  What a let down and just ugh…. no!


The Merciless III: The Origins of Evil
hearts 3
After the hot mess of the second book, I didn’t have very high hopes on this one and I was right mostly.  It was an ok read – a big step up from the second one I thought.  This one takes us a back a bit and is a prequel – it probably should’ve been the fourth in the series but I digress.  This one features one of the girls from the original story (won’t say who due to spoilers) and her backstory.  I thought she made a good protagonist overall and I actually was pretty into hearing how it all came to be (talking cryptic because of spoilers is hard LOL).  This one is slower paced than the first two and it takes awhile for the real horror elements to really set in, but once they do it’s a good time.  Nice ending as well.


The Merciless IV: Last Rites
hearts 3
We are at the final book – I made it! This one brings in a new character and mostly takes place in Italy but does have flashbacks to her time spent in a mental hospital (this is where the book connects it to the other books).  I liked that we got a new character and went to a different country completely – it gave it a little something different.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying in breathed new life into the series, but it was something new at least.  The characters are all pretty cookie cutter and like the third story – it does take awhile to really get moving into terms of horror.  However, the horror does come and it’s decently gory and horrific.  Something pretty awful happens to our main and I did really like the revenge aspect of it all.  It felt fairly well balanced and I’m all about shit people getting what is coming to them.  


Bottom line, if you like gore (fairly strong for the YA category), mean catty girls and B-movies, then these are probably going to work for you for a fun, mindless binge weekend.  Sometimes that all I ever want in my horror.  Would I recommend buying these? Ehhh… I would the first one, but after that maybe borrow them from the library or get them off Bookoutlet at a good price – I likely wouldn’t pay full price on these.



2 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: The Mericiless Series 1- 4 (Non-Spoiler)

  1. The first book was really great! I remember that from a couple years ago but never went into the others because I’m not much of a gore person. I’m so bummed that the second one was a let down though because I’m pretty sure that I liked Sofia from the first one? I have to remind myself. At least the last two books kind of made up for it, but weren’t as amazing as the first one. Great reviews Mel ❤


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