September 2019 Fairyloot UNBOXING Spoilers!!!


The theme for September was Witches be Crazy. When they started to sell this box, I believe they said that there would be no fandom items but it would be an overall witchy theme. Let’s see how that went.

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Serpent and Dove – I wanted this book since I saw the cover for it. Just stick a blackbird on anything and I will buy it. It looks really good and everyone seems to be raving about it so I can’t wait to read it. Also, it has sprayed edges!!! YAY!!! just so gorgeous. There’s also a nice art print on the back of the dust jacket.

Luna sticky notes – Oh wait! what is this? a fandom item you say? Umm… Anyhoo, I feel like this misses the mark a little. I think if you are doing a witch theme you might have gone with something that says Book of Shadows or Spellbook. They are cute and I will be using them but not very witchy to me other than Harry Potter inspired.

Deck of Cards – it seems like every book box is doing these it starting to get a little old. Personally, I would have preferred for them to do may a tarot card set. I feel like it would have fitted the theme much better than another plain set of cards.

Fluffy Witch Socks – These are cute and good for any day. This is the first item that I feel fits the theme. Is it a bit predictable? Yes, but at least they remind me of witches.

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Not your basic witch Enamel pin – I love this pin and I never say this, lol. I usually don’t. know what to do with these and just end up putting them on a pin flag that sits there collecting dust. But this one I want to pin one my bag or coat.

Cauldron bath bomb – Yes finally a cool witch item. I love this idea so much though I have to say it was poorly packaged and there were pieces of bath bomb everywhere in the box. I can’t say that I’m a fan of the scent but it might be less overpowering in a bath.

Metal straws – I am really happy that these were in. They are my favourite item besides the book in this box. I really want plastic straws to b banned they are non-recyclable and very damaging to the planet and the wildlife. I have a couple reusable straws and will be putting these in my bag cause they are just so gorgeous.

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Canvas tote – This is a good quality tote. I also love the design of it. The colours go so well together. I’m excited to bring it on my trip in December for all the shopping I will be doing.

Fairyloot Tarot cards collection – I have a couple of these since I usually get Fairyloot a couple times a year. I really enjoy these character cards. This month is Warner and Juliet from the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

5 books longer

Overall for me, it was just an ok box from Fairloot. There were some good items but I think they missed the mark a little on this one. What did you guys think? Have you gotten this box?



9 thoughts on “September 2019 Fairyloot UNBOXING Spoilers!!!

  1. Totally agree about not having Luna sticky notes and having tarot cards instead of regular playing cards. Luna is amazing but she doesn’t give me an overall witchy vibe, you know? Plus like you said, they said no fandoms but Harry Potter is totally a fandom soooooo lol. The photos look amazing though!

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  2. Wow gorgeous photos! I do like the character cards. Serpent and Dove is also on my tbr, shamelessly because of the witch/witch hunter romance apparently lol…


  3. I’ve never had a fairyloot box but it might be worth trying once. Right now I’m doing owlcrate and I’ve been liking that one. I do have a copy of Serpent & Dove though and am very much looking forward to getting to it soon (hopefully).


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