Drama Llama Patrol: They’re Special Edition Boxes. Not Life Saving Medicine

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Hey beautiful people! We are starting up a new feature on the blog called Drama Llama Patrol.  There is always so much drama in the YA book community and we are here to give some commentary on it. We might ruffle a few feathers but this our just opinions – we can agree to disagree.  What is the point in having a blog if you can’t get a little sassy from time to time?

I will be joined with a guest blogger for this feature, Samm! Any members from the TBR and Beyond Book Group on Facebook will already know this crazy bestie of mine – she is is a senior moderator and all-around pain in my side! You can also find her sassing off and reading way too many books in a month over on her booktube channel Sassenwach the Book Wizard.

5 books longer

Alright, enough with the introductions – let’s get to the drama! Let’s talk book subscriptions and entitlement! Recently there was a HUGE upset when Fairyloot announced their Queen of Nothing Special Edition Box (LIMITED BOXES – this part matters).  They told everyone that monthly subscribers would be getting first dibs at the box and then what was left would go live to the public at a certain date and time.  Well, it did and too many people (not their monthly subscribers) tried to get it all at once and the site crashed – there were only so many boxes available in the first place – everyone didn’t get one and shit hit the fan.

People went flipping bonkers – instead of just being disappointed or saying they were upset – they went into full out nasty, vicious mode at Fairyloot on Instagram.  It got real ugly, real fast and yet again the YA community was living up to that toxic reputation.


Melanie:  Okay, people seriously need to calm the fuck down.  I understand that click wars for limited edition stuff are bound to bring frustration, but it’s LIMITED – did everyone really think you were going to get one? Was this everyone’s first sale where there wouldn’t be enough of something to go around?!?!

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Samm: We are talking about a leisure items box–not life saving medication. Everyone knows there were going to be other sub box companies doing limited editions for this book, so it’s not people’s last chance at getting a cool box from some place.  Fairyloot told everyone to subscribe if they wanted a chance at this box in advance and people still bitched.  It’s not Fairyloot’s problem that you chose NOT to subscribe for whatever reason and take the risk of getting box that even Kimmy Schmidt, in Season 1 Episode 1, knew was going to have a crazy amount of people making a mad dash for.   If you didn’t subscribe – that is on you!


Melanie: My favorite was someone telling them that they feel like they been robbed? That must be the definition of entitlement.  What is wrong with people? Robbed? Really? People telling Fairyloot that they should be ashamed of themselves? For what exactly? They aren’t your parents – you don’t get to scream and cry at them when you don’t get what you want.  That’s not how things work.  I must’ve seen 500 posts saying, “It’s not fair.”  I don’t mean to be harsh but when did the world become fair? Did I miss a memo? I mean I personally find it a lot more unfair to harass a small company with vicious names because you can hide behind your computer screens, but that is just me *shurg*

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Samm: Learn the difference between being disappointed and bullying/harassment. Fairyloot was doing everything they could to cater to people while all this was going on and still tons of people still pissed because it wasn’t fast enough or good enough for them.  They ordered as much inventory as they possibly could (much more than normal) and had enough to supply their subscribers and still have a few left over for the public after (again, you could have just subscribed!!!). It’s ridiculous that a subscription box is having to apologize for being successful and selling out on a limited edition box, while people scream at them.   I know it’s social media but lots of people sent actual harassment and insults to real people who work hard. This isn’t a large box chain. This is a book subscription box. This could easily result in fewer Special Edition boxes (really awesome considering all the licensing changes to Holly Black’s series).

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Melanie: Exactly, it’s like no matter what they do – they get yelled at.  If they make too many boxes then people yell at them that it’s not limited enough.  If they make too few then people scream at them for ruining their lives.  It’s a no win situation.  It’s not cool.


Shout out to this amazing person that made the best out of a bad situation! This is what we need! Humor!!!! You rock!

Final Thoughts

Melanie:  Simmer down, vent to your friends and remember that companies are run by actual people.  You wouldn’t want others screaming names at you, so chill.

Samm: Calm yourselves! Take even half of that passion and direct it towards something useful that could improve the world…or just buy a punching bag or scream into a pillow like the rest of us international shoppers when we see shipping prices.


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34 thoughts on “Drama Llama Patrol: They’re Special Edition Boxes. Not Life Saving Medicine

  1. 100% agree on all of this. I understand being disappointed. Boxes have sold out before I was able to get one before. Not once did I think to attack the company. The whole point of “limited” is that there won’t be many, so be prepared to be sad if you aren’t lucky enough to grab one. People are just so freaking rude. And definitely the entitled thing. Does it suck? Yes. But seriously, don’t be an asshole. I’m sure people will be selling items from it for ridiculous prices later on, so we can look forward to the complaints starting up again.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been in many “click war” sales because of it being limited. It’s funny because most of the time when you are dealing with limited items for sale, you don’t get NEAR the number that FL was offering. They had a ton for people, so there was a fair chance. I mean lots of us have been in click wars where there were 100 or less items and 1,000 people about to click…

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  2. This is my new favourite segment on any book blog, please make more. I don’t understand why people get so uppity about subscribers having first dibs, or course companies will favour their regulars for something limited? That’s a good business practice.

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  3. This ☝🏽☝🏽
    I totally agree with everything you both said. It’s also crappy that they have to go out and apologize after being successful on selling out their boxes as Sam said. It’s the things you have to do to be a business owner. At the end of the day you can’t please everybody. Someone is always going to be disappointed 🤷🏽‍♀️.
    Can’t wait for the Owlcrate boxes. That’s going to be a shit show for sure 😂😂. I’m just crossing my fingers and 10 toes that I get one 😭

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  4. Oh my. I’m not sure what to make of this. It’s just a book! I think I’m going to enjoy the Drama Llama Patrol. I’m not very active in YA so I tend to miss a lot of the drama. (Not really sorry about that after reading this.)

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  5. Oh, snap! First off, I love the idea of this new feature. I found myself laughing out loud while I read because I totally understand how sometimes the book community can be ridiculous.

    Second, I am appalled that people are up in arms about the Fairyloot box. It’s just a box! With some cool items, but it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t get it! Sometimes internet comments can be the worst. And I can’t believe are complaining when they could have signed up to have first dibs. I understand not being able to afford a monthly subscription, but you could always cancel or skip the next boxes. (I subscribe to Owlcrate but I don’t buy every box. I wait until I know the theme and can guess the book and decide to buy or skip. But I keep my subscription account active. How is that so difficult to understand?)

    Anyways, fun, entertaining post. I can’t wait for more! XD

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    1. I know! Like I get that not everyone can afford everything, but that is not Fairyloot’s problem. They have a business to run. There are lots of things I can’t get – I can’t imagine screaming at the companies that they owe me because of my financial situation. WHAT?!!?

      I’m so glad this gave you a giggle. The drama that goes on in the YA book community is nuts and all you can do is laugh at the end of the day because it’s so silly.

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      1. I agree! Sometimes you just have to realize it’s ridiculous and move along. I can’t imagine blaming a company either for something like that. Even if they messed something up (like the shipping was late or an item was wrong/misprinted/etc.) I don’t think I’d yell at them. I might be honest and tell them I’m frustrated/disappointed, but I wouldn’t write seething reviews or comments, especially on social media. That solves no problems at all!


  6. This is insane, people need to chill, as much as we all would’ve loved to have a beautiful limited edition set, we cant cause ya know it’s limited. Reminds me a lot of the limited Disney doll collector editions.

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  7. OMG YAAAS! This post!! 💕 I mean, I’m flabbergasted by how these people are reacting. It’s just like you said–no matter what these companies do, sometimes it’s really a lose-lose situation for them and it’s completely unfair. I was raging reading that comment from someone saying that Fairyloot should be ashamed of themselves. Um, no honey, I think you should be ashamed of yourself for shaming a book box company for not getting your hands on a box! SMDH. So sooo ridiculous. I feel like these limited edition boxes are really getting out of hand lol it ramps up all this competition in the community and it’s just… not nice at all. Great post, Mel and Samm! This definitely needs to be shared everywhere 😂


  8. First of all, I LOVE the name of this segment ❤ ❤ and secondly people are awful sometimes!!! Especially if they could have just subscribed!!!! If it meant that much too you you can should have subscribed for a month and then cancelled it. Its not that hard!!!! Owlcrate was going to do the same thing where they would open up to subscribers and then everyone else and people were freaking out and complaining BEFORE it even went on sale!!! (I didn't pay attention to see if people complained after they sold out but I am sure they did) It makes me wonder – if these people were trying to buy concert tickets and they sold out would they have the same reaction? Its the same sort of system!! But everyone knows tickets sell out, maybe they need to think of book boxes like concert or event tickets!


  9. I totally agree with this and I so love this feature on your blog! I didn’t get the fairyloot bow but so be it! I was not a regular subscriber and knew the few remainings were limited. I will never understand people getting nasty!


  10. HAHAH This is hilarious! I get being upset when you don’t get something you wanted. There’s some serious FOMO when I miss out on something. But like 5 days later I already forgot about the box/item/unboxing I saw and just move on. I will say, from a business side, it seems they have website crashing issues A LOT. I know dealing with servers isn’t their job and they probably have every setting at the max with their host, but it’s just odd that FL specifically has these issues every time. It doesn’t justify all the freakouts people were having, but they might want to take a look at this BEFORE they launch another limited edition box they know will drive tons of traffic? I don’t know, I’m not an expert on that lol


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