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about the book


My rating:

Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 320
Pacing: Normal
Publisher: Blink
Published: September 10th, 2019


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From Annie Sullivan, author of A Touch of Gold, comes Tiger Queen, a sweeping YA fantasy adventure that tells the story of a fierce desert princess battling to save her kingdom. Fans of Rebel of the Sands and Meagan Spooner will devour this retelling of Frank Stockton’s famous short story, “The Lady, or the Tiger?”

In the mythical desert kingdom of Achra, an ancient law forces sixteen-year-old Princess Kateri to fight in the arena to prove her right to rule. For Kateri, winning also means fulfilling a promise to her late mother that she would protect her people, who are struggling through windstorms and drought. The situation is worsened by the gang of Desert Boys that frequently raids the city wells, forcing the king to ration what little water is left. The punishment for stealing water is a choice between two doors: behind one lies freedom, and behind the other is a tiger.

But when Kateri’s final opponent is announced, she knows she cannot win. In desperation, she turns to the desert and the one person she never thought she’d side with. What Kateri discovers twists her world—and her heart—upside down. Her future is now behind two doors—only she’s not sure which holds the key to keeping her kingdom and which releases the tiger. – synopsis from Goodreads


“There was only one piece of jewelry I did want. My Mother’s crown.”

I’m so excited to be reviewing Annie’s sophomore novel Tiger Queen, and I can happily say that she did not fall prey to the sophomore curse with this one.  It’s an exciting, unique and empowering fantasy novel that will easily leave readers swept up in it’s dessert setting.

I’ve been lucky enough to call Annie a friend (as many in the online book community have come to) since her debut novel A Touch of Gold was announced.  She is such a sweet person and so great to her readers – I just adore her.  This book means a lot to me because not only did Annie thank me in the acknowledgements of the book, but she thanked my entire TBR and Beyond team – how cool is that? I might have squealed a bit at that! It was such a lovely surprise.


Ok Melanie – stop gushing! Let’s get this review started already! Tiger Queen is a retelling of a famous short story,  The Lady and the Tiger.  The short story is one that is completely open ended and the readers are left to imagine – well the author has obviously thought about this story a lot and turned the story completely on its head and made her own unique take on what exactly happens after that short story ended.  No, you don’t have to read the short story to go into Tiger Queen – the author sets everything up for you from beginning to end.

Our protagonist Princess Kateri is reaching the age where she must prove to her people and father that she is worthy enough to rule the kingdom when the time comes.  To do this she will be tested, she must fight 12 suitors that have come to marry her (and take their spot ruling the kingdom), but if she can win all 12 battles then she not only wins the kingdom, but her right to make her own decisions.  Her father, the King has been brutally training her since she was young, to be able to fight in these battles. He has shown her little compassion but Kateri still seeks nothing more than his acceptance and thinks she will finally get it if she can prove her worth in the battles.

On the other side, we have the Desert Boys lead by the charismatic Cion.  They are considered thieves and rebels and a complete plague on the city, at least according to the palace.  The city is in a massive drought and people are getting sicker and dying because of it.  Cion and the boys have taking water from the palace wells for themselves and others – we have a little Robin Hood vibe going on here I think.  The palace has been trying to track down the Desert Boys hideout without no results but that may all change.

I don’t want to go any further than that, you should read the book and let it unfold.  From there we get lots of betrayal (lots!) – Kateri and Cion have to work together despite their feelings towards each other and a lot of hard choices have to be made.  Guys, it gets pretty intense – there are even hungry freaking tigers!

I loved the characters in Tiger Queen.  Kateri does start out very frustrating, I’m not going to lie.  I wanted to slap her many times over in the beginning, but I promise she grows and evolves and I loved her to pieces by the end of it.  Cion is a great male lead, loved his compassion, strength and, of course, banter.  The world building is strong in this one, I feel like the author took the time to set everything up, so you could really imagine everything going on.  Keep a drink of water close by – you will get thirsty! The battle scenes were epic and exciting.  I loved the mythology that is woven into the story and build up at the end definitely paid of.  Overall, I highly recommend checking this desert fantasy out.  Also, it’s a standalone! We love a fantasy standalone from time to time!

Favorite Quotes

“I would be the desert’s justice, mightier than any tiger”

“There was only one piece of jewelry I did want. My Mother’s crown.”

“In this desert, we all have to take care of each other.”

“They stop crying once they realize no one will answer them.”


about the author

Annie Sullivan is a Young Adult author from Indianapolis, Indiana. Her work has been featured in Curly Red Stories and Punchnels. She loves fairytales, everything Jane Austen, and traveling and exploring new cultures. When she’s not off on her own adventures, she’s teaching classes at the Indiana Writers Center and working as the Copy Specialist at John Wiley and Sons, Inc. publishing company, having also worked there in Editorial and Publicity roles.

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  1. LOVE THIS! This book sounds like a great read. I’m sitting here thinking about the quote, “They stop crying once they realize no one will answer them.” because… wow. Just, wow. How true that is. Something about it gets under my skin (in the good way/the way that only books and prose can) and ugh. I’m just going to jot that down right now and I NEED TO GET TO THIS. (I’m sorry for shouting?????? I feel like that’s my number one statement when coming here I’m like OKAY I NEED TO READ THIS IMMEDIATELY, GIVE ME.)

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