Top Ten Tuesday #42: Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding Reading and Why

top ten tuesday

Hey guys! It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday, which is currently being run by the lovely Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl.  We knew instantly that we wanted to take part in this weekly meme because both of us love making list, so this is perfect!

This week’s (September 3rd, 2019) topic: Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding Reading and Why

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Divergent by Veronica Roth
I wasn’t reading YA when the whole dystopian craze hit (although I did read Hunger Games), so this just passed me by and I never gave it a thought.  I bought this maybe three years ago, and I’m scared to read it because everyone hates the ending with a passion.  I’ve just kind of lost interest in it.

Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle #1) by Patrick Rothfuss
I know, I know! Calm down – put your pitchforks away! I have the beautiful anniversary edition of this one but I haven’t started it because there is no third book.  I’m scared it will leave me with a big cliffhanger.  If anyone knows if these books can be read without the third book (and not cry for weeks on end), let me know!

The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials #1) by Phillip Pullman
Do you ever feel like you keep putting off a book for years on end for NO REASON AT ALL.  This is one of those books.  I know I would enjoy  it and yet… here we are..In my thirties and still haven’t read this one.

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
I grew up on stuff like Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place,  – basically any trash teen drama, I was there.  I’ve also seen stuff like Gossip Girl – but I’ve never seen Pretty Little Liars, or read it.  I’ve been picking the series up at thrift stores, but it’s a long ass series.  I’m a little scared I’ll hate it – but part of me also thinks it will be a  really fun, trash read (I mean that in the best way).

Marked (House of the Night #1) by P.S. Cast and Kristen Cast
This is another one I’ve been grabbing books from the series when I see them at thrift stores.  I know this series is super loved and super hated – there doesn’t seem to be an in-between.  Like Pretty Little Liars, I thought this might be just a fun series read.  Not looking for amazing literature – just a good time but I’m nervous to start because again there are so many damn books in the series and I already bought a ton of them LOL

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MIR TTT 42.png

A Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness
I know a lot of people love this series but honestly; to me, it just seems like another version of Twilight which I have no interest in at all. I love witches and vampire but this one is not grabbing me and I feel it just has been shoved at me too many times.

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher
This is another book that has been everywhere in the past years with the Netflix show. I’m the kind of person that the more I see something talked about, and with all the controversy surrounding this, it makes me lose interest. I might’ve read it at a certain time but now I’m kind of over it.

Roseblood by AG Howard
I read another book by AG Howard and it has turned me off of anything else she might write. I’m really sorry if you love this author and her books. They weren’t for me. And I can honestly say that the time I spent reading it is time I will never have again.

Shadowhunter Series by Cassandra Clare
There are just way too many books. They do look like something I would like but playing catch up is not something I really want to do.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
I’ve seen all the movies once and I will never watch them again. It was just… no. A friend lent me the first book and I couldn’t get pass the first page. It’s a hard pass for me.

5 books longer

What books are your avoiding reading? Let us know in the comments!

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45 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #42: Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding Reading and Why

  1. I understand not wanting to play catch up with such a long series as Shadowhunters.
    Also, I loved the TV adaptation of Pretty Little Liars. I have only read the first book and it’s a lot different than the show. The drama and plot twists are fun though.

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  2. A lot of these books seem to be very popular/well-known books in their respective genre! I feel like I do that as well. Especially if it sounds like I’ll enjoy a book and don’t want to be let down by it. Six of Crows was a book I avoided reading for years, but ended up loving. So you never know 😊

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  3. in my opinion The Mortal Instruments are worth it. if you’re intimidated by the size try reading The Infernal Devices trilogy first, they’re set before the TMI so you won’t get spoiled, also I think the explanation of the shadow world is better than TMI.
    My TTT

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  4. So I’m ashamed to say I’ve seen every episode of Pretty Little Liars and in a weak moment, I read every book. They’re exactly as delightfully trashy as you’d expect they’d be, and they’re not a huge time commitment because they aren’t very long haha.

    Also, if you’re hesitant about A Discovery of Witches, I highly HIGHLY recommend watching the show on Sundance! You can get a free trial and it keeps fairly close to the books so you’ll have an idea if you’d like the rest of the series. It’s only 8 episodes!

    My TTT

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  5. Great list! A Discover of Witches made my list this week, too. I’ve tried to read Northern Lights several times and I’ve never been able to get into it, which makes me really sad – I want to read it before the adaptation comes out, because the adaptation looks amazing. The Name of the Wind is one I’m unsure of, too – I’ve heard the women don’t really have any agency, so I’m losing interest in it.

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  6. You have the anniversary edition of TNOTW! I’m SO jealous 😂 I’ve seen this one mentioned a few times for this prompt now, and I’m currently doing a re-read and questioning whether that’s the smartest move since you’re so right — who knows how long we’ll have to wait for the last book?! Also, totes agree that I don’t even know why I’m putting off finishing His Dark Materials series?! Love both your choices for this week’s TTT!

    My TTT post

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      1. Well, I’ve only got 90% of my shelves sat there unread, so I’m re-reading this slowly (until I can’t put it down) haha 😂I hope you like it too! The anniv. edition is defo gorgeous — love the artwork inside. I’m defo going to indulge at some point to get it!


  7. I put of reading the name of the wind for so long as well, but it was definitely worth it!
    I also still really need to read the discovery of witches!


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    1. Also, head’s up – sometimes I probably don’t seem like I’m going to comment on your blog but I do each time. It sends me into this weird wpcomments.php (whatever that means lol) on some of the pages and won’t let me comment. Just wanted to let you know – I am always reading ❤

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  8. I loved the first two books in the divergent series but I still haven’t read the final book because of all the mixed reviews. I also want to read Name Of The Wind but I’ve heard it was a slow read and that’s why I’ve been avoiding it. I’ve read the first four books in the Marked series and I really liked them but haven’t read the remaining books in the series. I might pick it up again in the future. Roseblood was pretty slow and boring. I gave it two stars! I also agree with you on Shadowhunters series, Mireille! I really want to read the new spin off but there’s too many books to catch up on. I wish Cassandra writes something new that’s not related to Shadow hunters world.

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    1. I’ve also avoided Roseblood like the plague, so I think I’ll just be unhauling it. I’ve heard horrible things and I love the musical, so I’m going to have too much of a bias anyway. It sounds really stupid though – I know that is harsh lol


  9. I read Divergent when I started blogging (more or less) but I’m with you- if I had not read it as of today I doubt I would. Kinda over it. Although I did like it, to be fair. I never finished Allegiant though so I guess I skipped the controversial ending haha! And I had no idea there were so many books in the PLL series until one day I saw a list. Wow!

    I’ve been curious about Cassandra Clare’s stuff too but not enough to take the plunge yet, I guess. Maybe at some point?

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    1. Yeah, like I keep finding PLL books all the time and I grab them because they are cheap, but then I’m like “what are you doing?!?!! You might hate this series!” I have so many from it, watch me just hate it.

      Yeah, I think when I heard about Divergent, I had read Hunger Games (and loved it) and it felt too rip off and I kind of had a snotty attitude towards it lol


  10. Divergent is such a mixed bag for me. You know? I really enjoyed the first book (although it felt super The Hunger Games in narration; especially the first couple of chapters) when it came into its own tone but the rest of the trilogy was super underwhelming for me. House of Night is… questionable. I have a lot of great memories associated to it from high school but it’s also so flawed. I’m rereading it now and it’s kind of daunting because my critical thinking skills have changed a lot since then and I’m trying to not ruin the memories I have, you know? Pretty Little Liars is fun trash! It’s one of my favourite YA trashy series (right after Gossip Girl) and I think the key to enjoying it is just not taking it seriously at all. WOO, this was a long winded reply to Melanie’s list!!!

    Now, onto Mir’s!!!! OKAY, so I’m totally biased but I love A.G. Howard’s writing but I definitely get why you wouldn’t like it because taste is subjective and all that jazz. Which is why I’m like, girrrl, just ditch it! (Honestly, it’s probably not worth even avoiding it if you didn’t like something else by her and I feel like you just might be better off without it?) I feel the same about Discovery of Witches. It just doesn’t seem like it’s… you know, for me. I always am avoiding it as well. I toy with the idea of reading it and I’m fairly certain I have the second book in the series but I am just like… nope.

    (This was 100% a novel, and I’m sorry about it!!!)

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