August 2019 Fairy Loot Unboxing


Mirielle has unboxed Fairyloot on our blog in the past, but this is my very FIRST box ever from this company.  I hadn’t bitten the bullet prior because I’m in Canada and the exchange rate  is just brutal on this one.  However, they recently got a shipping company in the states as well, so the shipping went down for US and Canada (Yippee) .  I won’t be getting this monthly because they overlap with Owlcrate quite a bit in terms of monthly books but I will get it here and there when the theme sounds good and the book is different.  Ok, let’s get to unboxing my very first Fairyloot.


Here is a full look at the everything we got in the August box.  It was pretty full, which I always like to see.

The Merciful Crow Fairy Loot Exclusive Signed Edition by Margaret Owen – I was very excited to find out that they were doing this book for August.  I haven’t read it yet but Mireille loved and I think it looks super cool.  I also love that Fairyloot had exclusive fanart on the other side of the dust jacket.  I love stuff like that and the artwork is stunning.

Ember in the Ashes Cushion Pillow – This is a pretty double-side cushion for the bed or couch.  I adore the artwork of the characters.  I haven’t actually started reading this one and I keep getting really cool fandom stuff from it in boxes.  I think the book gods are trying to tell me something!

Lunar Chronicles Cutlery – This is a very unique item.  We got a really nice case and a pretty pink pouch to carry our fancy little set of chop sticks and a fork and spoon around.  The Fork and Spoon have Lunar quotes on them and the chopsticks have little quarter moons.  Super cute.  I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with these, to be honest.  I’m disabled and no longer work or these would be perfect for work lunches I think.  I guess I’ll just use them when the occasion calls for it.
Note: These are NOT dishwasher safe.

Mericiful Crow Print and pencil case – I think the pencil case was from the pre-order campaign and it’s not listed on the spoiler card.  Still cool to get – especially for us non-Americans who didn’t qualify for it.  The print is stunning and I love that they always have a nice fandom print with the book.  I wish Owlcrate did that as well.


Thomas Cresswell Candle – I’m a Stalking Jack the Ripper fan, so this is great.  The scent is Chocolate Coffee and it smells sooooo good!

Lord of the Rings Hand Mirror – Super cute little mirror.  I’ll likely use it for IG pictures.

Harry Potter Tarot Cards – They give two cards from different books each month.  Currently they are on the Potter series and we got Harry Potter and Hermonie.  I love them – they are perfect.

Mistborn Metal bookmark – How freaking cool is this? The artwork is gorgeous.  I own this series but it’s another one I haven’t gotten to yet.

Bookish Hair Ties – I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of these, if any at all.  I might just throw them in a giveaway at some point.  They are really pretty and nicely made, but my hair is fairly thin – so they would likely just fall out.

The last time is just the spoiler card and matching bookmark.  Very cute little prints.


Overall, I really liked my first Fairyloot box.  It had some cool items – I don’t know if I will use all this stuff but I’m happy overall.  September’s theme is Witches Be Crazy! Yes, I did order it, so I’ll be posting it when I get it.!

Did you get August’s Fairyloot? What did you think? Did you have a favourite or least favourite item? Let me know in the comments below!


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