Top Ten Tuesday #39: Favorite Tropes

top ten tuesday

Hey guys! It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday, which is currently being run by the lovely Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl.  We knew instantly that we wanted to take part in this weekly meme because both of us love making list, so this is perfect!

This week’s (August 20th, 2019) topic: Favorite Tropes

5 books longer


I actually like a lot of tropes (when done right) and Mireille and I share a lot of the same ones.  I had to change up my list a little so that we wouldn’t have 100% of the same answers because I love all the same as well LOL  Anyway, here is what I came up with!



Love to Hate
I mean is there anyone that doesn’t love this one? Yes, it’s so cliche but it’s also just so much fun.  It also usually gives us some really great banter, which is one of my favorite things.

Friends to Lovers
Another one I’m a sucker for, what can I say? I love when childhood friends grow up to fall in love – it’s just so sweet.

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Chosen One
I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of this one but when it’s done right I love it so much.  I do prefer when the chosen one comes from nothing, rather than being someone of importance from the start.

Protaganist is an Outsider
Ok, I am not talking about the manic pixie girl that every man falls in love with instantly trope that John Green so intensely loves – that drives me mad.  I’m talking about someone who is not the most popular person and a bit of a misfit in the community aka Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I just find them more relatable in the long run.

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Female Villains
I adore a great female villain (i.e. Levana from Lunar Chronicles).  It seems that the male villains get all the love and glory in this category and the women get all the hate.  Readers don’t seem to be into an unlikable female, but I’m here for it.

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chosen one
Chosen One
I know this is one of the most common trope in YA now but I love it. I think it comes from shows like Buffy where there is the main hero that comes with it’s Scooby Gang to help save day.

Someone was secretly a royal this whole time
This one is starting to be more and more common but I’m really digging it. I like when the answer is right there in front of them but they don’t really see it.


love to hate

This is my favourite one hands down. I love the electric chemistry that the hate-to-love relationship brings and the profound passion at the end of it all. Most of my favourite books have this one.

The Strong Female Character
Who doesn’t love seeing a kickass girl taking names and kicking asses? I love seeing books where girls are strong and unapologetic about it. Best example of this for me is Mia in the Nevernight Series.

villain redemption

Villain redemption
This is also on e of my favourite ones and I feel it might be a bit under use. I love villains. They are usually so much more interesting to me than heroes. They have more layers and a good villain makes the story so much better.

5 books longer

What are some of your favourite tropes? Let us know in the comments!

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45 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #39: Favorite Tropes

  1. I love it when protagonists are outsiders. they bring that different perspective? And I think female villains sometimes are more nuanced? I think Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones as an example. So many male villains seem to be just evil for evil’s sake- I like some sympathy in my villains.

    Villain redemption is a favorite too.

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    1. I agree. I just love villains in general. I know some people get frustrated at people loving them and call it problematic but I’m not supporting everything – I just love reading about them and they always get the best lines and story arcs!


  2. I’m all for the secret royal! With exception to some, I usually like the hate-to-love trope, and of course, the best friends romance is always so sweet! Or those I’ve read are. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland.

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  3. Friends to lovers is one I highlighted this week. I am all about that history and the pair having a solid foundation. You get to skip those early days getting-to-know-you stuff too.


  4. GREAT PICKS, AS USUAL. Oh, good, there I go yelling. Sorry! But, for real, yes! All of these picks from both of you. ALL. OF. THEM. I’m trash for so many tropes it would appear and hoooooo boy, these are all fantastic and I just agree. The Chosen One is the one that seems to get me every dang time, it’s nuts. (Well, when it’s developed properly. Obviously.)

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    1. Bahaha, you are always welcome to scream from the rooftops at us LOL I’m total trash for just about everything I feel. Yeah, I feel like I have to say “when done well” with everything but then again I guess we’d all disagree on what is done well lol


  5. These are such great answers. I love a lot of tropes other people seem to hate like the chosen one trope and I even dont mind a love triangle although it isnt a favorite. If you love strong female characters and female villains I strongly suggest picking up Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller. Its a new all time favorite of mine. It has an amazing slytherin romance.


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