July Flick the Wick Unboxing (Spoilers)

In July Flick the Wick decided to dedicate their box to The Raven Cycle in honour of Call Down the Haw that will be released in September. I adore Maggie Stiefvater and the Raven Boys universe so I had to grab this box.

flick the wick July 1

Wall Tapestry
This is designed by the amazing Eviebookish and it is as anticipated absolutely gorgeous. I will note putting this on my wall though, as I do not like to hang them. I will be turning it into a blanket though.

Wooden art
I like this and will be putting it on my bookshelf. The quote is The head is too wise, the heart is all fire.

flick the wick July 2
One 4oz glass jar candle – The Raven King 

This candle smells of mint berries, leaves and musk, it’s kind of weird how all of these work together but they do. It does remind me of a scent you could find in a forest.

One exclusive 2oz glass jar candle – Greywaren
This is my favourite candle of the 4 in the box. It smells absolutely wonderful (wood leather and citrus). I don’t even want to burn this one, just open it and smell it will do.

Two exclusive 2oz black tin candles  – The Ghost & The Magician
I’m not too sure about these two. The Ghost is patchouli, citrus, oak and berries. It doesn’t smell bad, I’m just not a fan of patchouli. The Magician is probably my least favourite. The odour is classic cola, rum, vanilla and lime. I am not a fan of vanilla and cola odours. They smell very synthetic to me.

Dreamy&Co enamel pin
This pin is really nice. It’s a raven with the phrase Excelsior Onward and Upward on it.

Cabeswater bath salts
These a mixture of Himalayan pink salt, Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt with fragrance oil. It smells so good and fresh just like a spring. I could just smell it all day. Can’t wait to try it.

flick the wick July 3

Art print
It’s double-side. On one side it has the quote If I where a tree, I would have no reason to love human. And on the other side, there’s a lovely drawing of the characters. It’s so nice I will definitely be framing this.

The Trees Speak Latin Magnet
Love this. It will go on my TBR cart.

Set of 5 character cards
This is my favourite item. I love the artwork on it, it’s just so pretty.

Overall thoughts? I think they did a great job with the theme and the items were of really high quality.

5 books longer

What did you think of July’s Flick the Wick?  Let me know!


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