June 2019 Shelflove Crate Unboxing SPOILERS



Shelflove June 2019.jpg

The theme for this month was Sci-fi Takeover. As always the box comes with a new monthly release and 6 other items. So let’s get to it:

Shelflove June 2019 #3
Red Rising Inspired Headband
– I love Red Rising so I was delighted to see this headband. I thought it was so cute and subtle. you can see little wolves on it. The colours scream sci-fi to me. the fabric is also really soft and stretchy. I really like this item and will be using it.

Shatter Me Inspired Pop Socket – This item is really cute. I like the blending of the colours on it and can’t wait to put it on my phone.

Shelflove June 2019 #4
Obsidio Inspired Throw Pillow Case
– I know you might not be able to see it on the picture but this is a lot nicer in person. The material looks like burlap but it’s not. It’s actually very soft.


Oh My Stars Pin Banner
– This is my least favourite item in the box. It’s nice but a little bland I will still use it but I think I would have preferred a black banner instead of white.

Skyward Inspired Notepad – I love any stationery item. I am really happy with this notepad. Plus I got a pen in another book box, so perfect combo.

Shelflove June 2019 #2
Kady Grant and Ezra Mason Chess Pieces from the Illuminae Files
– I’m always excited when I open my Shelflove Crate because I can’t wait to see the next chesspieces. I am over the moon that this month is Illuminae!!! Look at these two, aren’t they the cutest?

BOTM The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg – This month’s book is The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg. Something that Shelflove has started to do is putting the book inspired artwork on the back of the dust jacket. If you want more information on the book you can check out the Goodreads page HERE. I’m going to leave a picture of the back of the dust jacket below.

Shelflove June 2019 #5

5 books longer

This wasn’t my favourite box by them but there are some good items that I am going to use. Did you get the box? What were your thoughts on it?


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