I Check up on my Yearly Reading Goals!

2019 goals check up

Hey everyone! I decided to look back on how I am doing on the reading goals I had set up for myself. I thought it would give me the little push I needed to finish some of these. So here we go!

Goodreads Reading Challenge
I’m very happy to be just over the halfway mark on this one. I think I’ll make it to 50. I am hoping to go a little over if I can. There’s still plenty of time.


my TBR yearly challenge.png
TBR and Beyond Yearly Reading Challenge
I’m so satisfied with where I’m at on this one. I didn’t think I would have this many done by now. There are still a lot of challenges to go through but I’m in good shape I think. If you want to join this challenge you can do so by joining our Facebook Bookclub HERE

modern Mrs Darcy 2019.png

The 2019 Mordern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge
I’m a little behind on this one. I was hoping to have a little more challenges done by this point but I still have time to catch up since it’s a fairly smaller one. Want more info on this challenge, check it out HERE

a to z challenge

A to Z Challenge
I’m really delighted about this one and I feel like it’s something that I can complete before the end of the year. Any recommendations for the letters that I am missing?

Finish series:
This is the challenge where I am failing. I set out to finish 3 major series and haven’t even read one book in them. I did though finish the Daughter of Smoke and Bones series which wasn’t on my list.

5 books longer

I think I’m doing not too bad on these. There are some I need to work on a little but overall I am happy with what I’ve done. How about you guys, how has your reading year been so far? Let me know in the comments!


23 thoughts on “I Check up on my Yearly Reading Goals!

  1. I signed up for a lot of challenges at the beginning of the year by accident. Surprisingly though I have already completed some of them or I am on track to complete them. I am pretty sure I am only behind on 1 challenge and at this point there’s no catching up but I will do my pest with it.

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  2. You are doing wonderful with your goals so far, keep up the great work! I am about halfway through with all of my goals or closer, which is nice. Last year I kinda had to focus on some of them to meet them just in time, which was not really a fun experience.

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