The Book Junkie Trials TBR! #Scribe


Ok, guys, this is super last minute because even though I had heard of The Book Junkie Trials, I never really paid attention or looked at.  Well, Friday morning was the day I took notice and realized my mistake and that I need to take part in this amazing event that Rachel Marie is putting on.  

I first want to say to a massive shout out to putting this month-long challenge together.  The amount of detail and creativity that went into is spectacular.  I can’t even imagine how much work this must’ve taken to put together and how much work it will take to run it as well.  Kudos to her – she deserves this to be a massive success and I think it will be.

I promise this isn’t too complicated and I’ll provide all the links, just in case you want to get in on it last minute like me.  It’s really important that you read the video and then go look at the Twitter account for the rules.  It will just be a big mess if you don’t.

The Book Junkie Trials Youtube Video – Explaining how it all works.
The Book Junkie Trials Twitter Account – Lots of information and questions answered here.


The Book Junkie Trials is essentially a challenge that runs throughout July, where you take a personality test to find out what team you will be on and then you complete five main challenges (reading challenges) to finish the main quest.  After that, if you want to complete more challenges for more points for your team – you can.  Everyone has a team leader as well.  Biggest catch is that with the MAIN quest (your five main challenges), you have to declare a TBR and stick with it.  You can’t DNF and you can’t change it.


I took my personality test and it came back with Scribe – which is pretty on-point because it’s very Ravenclaw centered.  You are allowed to switch your team but I liked what I got, so I’m sticking with it.  Every team gets one ability and one weakness.
The Scribe’s ability is that we are allowed to switch one of our TBR books, which is nice because I’m a mood reader.  Our weakness is that one of our five main reads has to be over 500 pages – ouch! Luckily I have a few that I have been meaning to get to.
The Scribe team leader is Sophie from Sophiesticated Books 

Alright, now that I know my team, I can plan out my TBR for the Scribe challenges, so let’s do this!

trials (1)

  1. Dwarf Mount:  Read a book with a hint of romance to get you in the mood.  – I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn
  2. Apothecary Towers: , choose a book at random from your bookshelf.
    Containment by Caryn Lix
  3. The Great Library: find and read a book that has been on your TBR forever.
    Howls Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
  4. The Drowning Deep: Read a book with rich world building
    Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend – This will be my book that is over 500 pages.
  5. The Bookie Grail:. Read the group book: Stardust.
    You can read something else other than the group book, but I own Stardust and have wanted to read it for years and just never got to it, so I will be reading the group book.  This will be only my second Neil Gaiman book!

As for will I complete any of the other challenges.  I honestly have no idea.  It will depend on a bunch of things, mainly how my mood and health are.  It says you get an upgrade next year if you complete the main challenges (the five) but if you complete all challenges (all seventeen) then you get a big upgrade next year.  I have no idea if I have that kind of motivation for that and it’s an extra 12 books, which is a lot to me.  I’ll likely only be doing the main quest because I have a lot of arcs and such to get to and I don’t think they all fit a prompt.

5 books longer

Are any of you guys participating in this one? If so, what team are you on? If not are you participating in any other challenges or just going to go with the flow in July?




14 thoughts on “The Book Junkie Trials TBR! #Scribe

  1. Last minute for me as well. I heard about The Book Junkie Trials awhile ago and watched Rachel’s video. Initially I found it overwhelming and intimidating. Yesterday, though, I watched more YouTubers vids and Rachel’s (again). Then officially decide to join. The quiz put me on Team Outlaw, which was surprising. I thought I’d be a Scribe. I’m going to stick with Outlaw. Why not. Should be fun. Still working out my tbr.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? There are so many rules and steps and stuff – it sounds more complicated than it actually is. If you want to do every single then it is a little more crazy, but the basic overall stuff is pretty straight forward, once you get the hang of it. I was completely freaked out at first too LOL

      Outlaw that is a great one!


  2. I also joined at the absolute last minute, which is terrible because I’m a mage and could have started reading on the 28th of June had I known about it earlier. I’m in a terrible reading slump and wanted to see if this will bring me out of it. Best of luck to you!


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