Mini Review! LGBTQIA+ Graphic Novels

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I’m going to be doing mini reviews on four graphics novels with some great LGBTQIA+ rep today.  I normally don’t do full reviews on graphic novels, just because they are shorter reads, and I’m always scared I’ll give too much of the story away.  I still like to give them some love and spotlight them though because I adore reading them so much.  Graphic novels are also a fantastic way to help you catch up on any Goodreads or reading challenges goals you have.



Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me by Mariko Tamaki and Illustrated by Rosemary Valero – O’Connell

hearts 4

Trigger Warnings: Cheating, Abortion, Toxic Relationship

This is an ownvoice graphic novel for the queer representation.  I am hesitant to say that9781626722590.jpg I really “enjoyed” this story because I found it super uncomfortable a lot of the time, I really like it though.  It is about a young girl (Freddy) in a toxic relationship with another young girl, Laura Dean.  This story is uncomfortable because it’s just so freaking real – I think a lot of people reading thing one will cringe at a lot of the poor decisions that Freddy makes to be with Laura.  Lots of us have done similar things.  I loved the character of Freddy, she was sweet and awkward and hopeful but she was also incredibly selfish at times.  Like I said – real.  The representation is fantastic and the problems Freddy has with her friends are very relatable.  The artwork is stunning.  I love the pops of pink through-out this one.


Heartstopper Volume #1 by Alice Oseman


Trigger Warnings: Non-Consensual Kissing/Sexual Assault Attempt, Homophobia and Bullying.

6f119366_146e_4472_8313_75a2ac3ac914_2_2 I know this book has trigger warnings, but this is honestly the most wholesome, sweet and endearing story I’ve read in awhile.  It’s about a young guy named Charlie, who is getting out of toxic “relationship” with a complete douchebag and he befriends a jock named Nick.  Nick is the sweetest, goofiest guy and after meeting Charlie – he starts questioning his sexuality as he begins to develop strong feelings for him.  Amazing bi and gay representation in this one.  I can’t gush about this graphic novel enough.  One of my favorites, it made me so happy and I would protect these boys with my life.  They are the most precious things ever and seeing such a healthy friendship between them, blossoming into something more is just THE FEELS!!! I’ve already pre-ordered the second volume from Book Depository (seems to be the only place that has it) and I’m dying for July to see more of their story.  The art work is freaking precious too.  Everything about this book is five stars.


Moonstruck Vol 1 : Magic to Brew by Grace Ellis and Shae Beagle.  Illustrated by Kate Leth, Caitlyn Quirk and Clayton Cowles.

hearts3 and half

I really did enjoy this one, but I didn’t love it unfortunately.  The queer representation is 23356680._SY540_incredible in this one.  It’s just so diverse and it was so lovely to see and it had healthy fat representation, which I am all about! The story basically centers around an adorable werewolf teenage girl and her misadventures with her friends (who are also mythical creatures) and her first date with another werewolf teen girl that goes wrong but in all the right ways.  All the characters are so fun and the artwork is BEAUTIFUL.  I loved the bright, fun colors.  The only thing that kept this from being a higher rating for me was that the author seemed to think she needed to add in drama because she suddenly had the girls fighting over stupid things that came out of nowhere.  It was distracting and frustrating.  I still think it was a good start to the series.



Moonstruck Vol 2 : Some Enchanted Evening by Grace Ellis and Shae Beagle


moonstruck-vol2-3It starts off that from where Vol 1 ended and Julie has landed a gig writing the next story of her favorite series and we see little snippets of her work but she isn’t ready to show her girlfriend Selena what she has written and problems ensue. Yet again, the author starts throwing in unnecessary fight between the two girls, I wasn’t hear for it at all.
The biggest problem with Vol 2 though is that it made no damn sense. It jumped all over the place – we’d be watching a nice little scene with our main characters and then suddenly we are in a fairy house and they are trapped? Who are the fairies? Good question – I have no idea. Why are they trapping our main characters? Another great question that I have zero answers to. It was just bizarre. I have read other reviews and it seems I am not alone in my confusion. It was kind of a hot mess of a plot, to be completely blunt.

5 books longer

Have you read any of these? Or are you planning on reading any? Do you have any good LGBTQIA+ graphic novels recommendations for me? Let me know below!!


13 thoughts on “Mini Review! LGBTQIA+ Graphic Novels

  1. Alright, those first two are going on my TBR right now.

    Have you read On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden? It’s an epic queer romance set in outer space, including a major nonbinary character and two f/f relationships, and the artwork is in FULL COLOR and beyond beautiful. It’s so cute and just generally delightful, I truly can’t get over it.

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  2. I loved reading your thoughts for all of these! I ordered Heartstopper off of BD and I really really hope it ships out soon 🤞🤞 also, am i the only one who always thinks that Laura Dean is a parody of Lara Jean? anyways, reading from the perspective of someone like Freddy sounds intriguing to me because you made it sound like maybe I could relate to some of her struggles. the fact that the art looks really nice doesn’t hurt either!

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    1. haha I’m not sure about the Lara Jean thing. I know it doesn’t write like that Lara Jean at all, but never know? I think a lot of people will relate to this book. It’s super uncomfortable with how relatable it is. I know I saw myself in some of these situations and cringed so hard. It might be something that is long in my past but man reading this book made it feel like just yesterday lol

      Oh good! I’m so glad about Heartstopper because everyone needs this precious gem in their lives. I’m dying for the sequel next month. I hope the author keeps us so many more volumes. I just need this sweet, positive GN in my life.

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