May Flick the Wick Unboxing (Spoilers)

OK I think you guys by now know how much I love Nevernight and the author, Jay Kristoff and a lot of bookish boxes are starting to celebrate the release of the last book in the series by doing special edition boxes. Most of them will come out in September, when the book is set to release but Flick the Wick decided to dedicate their May box to Our Dona Mia. Naturally I had to get a box and let me tell you it is FABULOUS!!!!!

flick the wick 1

Ok first, let me show you this beautiful designed box. I absolutely love this, it’s so Nevernight with the crow and the moons, arghhh!!!! Love Love Love! Ok here is the content:

flick the wick 3

One exclusive 4oz glass jar candle – Dona Mia 
The odour is cherry, apple and citrus which smells really nice altogether. The colour is a rich red which is so fitting for Mia. I can’t wait to burn this.

One exclusive 2oz glass jar candle – Eclipse & Mr Kindly
This is my favourite candle of the 4 in the box. It’s smells absolutely wonderful (musk, cedarwood and citrus). I don’t even want to burn this one, just open it and smell it will do.

Two exclusive 2oz black tin candles  – Acolytes of the Red Church & The Darkin
The Darking isn’t my favourite of the 4, the odour is not one that appeals to me per se but I still like it and am curious to see what it smells like when you burn it. It’s ozone, agave and lime. Acolytes of the Red Church on the other end is very subtle but has a really nice smell to it with it’s watermelon and sugar.

Dreamy&Co enamel pin
It says one of my favourite lines from the book The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Really like the design of it, it’s very fitting to the books.

Blood walk bath bomb
I am so excited to try this and see what colours it makes. It smells really nice too, though I couldn’t tell you of what.

Art print
It’s double sided which is nice but I will probably hang it on the side that has the drawing of Mia as shown in my picture. I really like that kind of Japanese inspired art.

Loose tea Leaf
The little tin is really cute, I’m very curious to try this tea the smell is interesting and I’m wondering if the tea will taste as pronounced as it smells. Ingredients include apple and elderberry, raisin and rosehip and orange pieces, hibiscus and cornflower petals. Interesting mix.

Coin purse
The little coin purse is so cute and is made of metal which I like. I never got one like this before, will definitely use it.

Art poster
This is probably my least favourite item in the box. It’s nice but not really my type of artwork. I’ll keep it as a collector’s item but would not hang it on my wall.

Mia Corvere small tote bag
I love this item. I’m a bit sad that it’s so small but I absolutely adore the artwork on it so I will definitely use it. Or I might turn it into a cushion, we’ll see.

flick the wick 4

Overall thoughts? I think they did a great job with the theme and the items were of really high quality. I would definitely buy another box of theirs in the future if I liked the theme.

5 books longer

What did you think of May’s Flick the Wick?  Let me know!


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