Top Ten Tuesday #31: Unpopular Bookish Opinions


Hey guys! It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday, which is currently being run by the lovely Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl.  We knew instantly that we wanted to take part in this weekly meme because both of us love making list, so this is perfect!

This week’s (June 11th, 2019) topic is: Unpopular Bookish Opinions (submitted by Kaitlin Galvan @ Somehow I Manage Blog).


Just a small little comment on this week’s post.  Opinions are merely that – opinions.  They are not facts.  If I dislike something you love, that isn’t a personal attack against you.  I’m normally not a big fan of participating in Unpopular Opinion type posts but I thought I’d have fun with it this week.  I find most of Unpopular Opinions aren’t that unpopular, so not sure how controversial any of mine will be.  Here we go!





Probably my most controversial opinion.  I didn’t like the book You by Caroline Keepnes at all.  I didn’t find it particular well written and I hated being in the mind of Joe for that long. It gives me the heebies jeebies how many people I’ve heard say that because they hated the women he was stalking – she basically had the ending coming.  Yikes people!


I still love dystopian novels.  I CAN’T HELP IT!


I don’t understand reviewers that pretty always give two or three stars to books.  It’s so confusing to me – how can that be enjoyable? Also, haven’t you figured out the stuff that is normally for you even a little.  No? Ok *shrug*

giphy (2)

I LOVEEEE hype! Yes, you heard that right! I love hype because it means a book is doing well and an author is hopefully making some actual money in a field where you usually make very little.  I also love hype because if means if I love the book that is popular at the moment, I can actually talk about it and people know what I’m talking about LOL

giphy (3)

This isn’t really unpopular but I want to hit things  when people say audiobooks are cheating or it doesn’t really count as reading. Stop policing what others are doing. STAAAAAP IT! If that is you – STOP IT!

giphy (4)

I am perfectly ok with reading about an unlikable female character.  I love and relate to flawed characters much more and I get tired of people adoring problematic male characters and tearing apart any woman who does something similar.

giphy (5)

I find most romantic contemporary that is about young, pretty, straight, white kids completely boring and unrelatable.  I don’t see myself picking up Kasie West or Morgan Matson anytime soon.

giphy (9)

I refuse to rate books lower to look like a more “edgy” or “critical” reviewer.  I am not a New York Times reviewer, this is not a profession.  It’s my love and passion and I’ll always give my honest opinion and if my month is full of five stars then EXCELLENT!

giphy (6).gif

Sometimes I like reading books that I know are going to likely be full of problematic material and not the best writing but they are great for an afternoon binge.

giphy (10)

I know logically that the book for Ella Enchanted is much better than the film, but I still like the film more.  I’m sorry for my terrible taste!


Do we have any of the same opinions? Or anything you totally disagree with me about? Let me know below!



64 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #31: Unpopular Bookish Opinions

  1. I agree with like, all of this!! And even though it’s not an unpopular opinion, it still must be said–AUDIOBOOKS COUNT AS REAL READINGGGG!! I actually go down a rabbit hole of reading problematic books like once a month. I don’t add those books to my reading challenge or talk about them on my blog, but I appreciate the fun they gave me 😅 And hell yes to liking unlikable female characters! There are so many unlikable male characters out there who still get a ton of love, and it’s baffling that unlikable female characters just get a ton of hate

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  2. Great post! 🙂 I agree with most of your opinions. I can’t be doing with policing of people’s bookishness. If they listen to audiobooks… fair enough!

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  3. Where’s a gif when you need one!? *ahem* YOU BLASPHEME! Lol. I mean….I guess Ellen Enchanted the movie is ok. *washes mouth out with soap* It’s just that the book was probably my favorite book ever growing up. I would recheck it out and reread it every time the bookmobile came around because I didn’t want to give it back. And they rewrote so much of it for the movie that it’s barely recognizable. Where’s the prince sliding down banisters, buttonless doublet flapping? Where is Apple the centaur? And the parrot who speaks gnomish making her kiss it? And you can’t create an evil uncle that doesn’t even exist! If I was capable of ignoring the book, the movie is cute. Alas, I am obviously not capable. (Though I strangely loved both Blood and Chocolate the book and the film despite the fact they also changed pretty much everything but the names in that conversion too.) Oh! And what about finishing school and her best friend?! Ok…I’m going away now. 😜

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    1. Bahahahha no I totally deserve this – like I get it. I should say that I somehow never got to read Ella Enchanted growing up. I ended up seeing the movie after it came out and it was awful, like it’s so cheesy and silly and basic but it was comforting. I read the book more recently and gave it 5 stars – like there is NO question it is so much better quality. I just have this special spot in my heart for this awful film lol Makes it even worse that I know it’s totally awful LOL

      I was wondering who would slap me for that one LOL love it!


  4. Totally agree with you on unlikable characters. They made my list too. And yes, I don’t understand the bashing of audiobooks either. Whatever medium that lets you into a story is great.

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  5. We agree on so much!! Especially the flawed females that was in my list too!! I don’t need to love, want to be or see myself as a character to root for her or enjoy her story!!

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  6. I see five stars as a success too! It means that I’m good at finding books I like and that I’m able to appreciate books even though I read a lot of them. Seeing the positives is as much as important for reviewing as seeing the negatives! I believe in “reading critically”, it’s just that people think that being critical means… criticizing everything and being edgy. But that’s not what it should be.
    And I agree so much about straight, white YA contemporaries. I’m not a straight white American and I’ve read so many books about them, I definitely don’t need more…
    Great list!

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    1. I totally agree. Just because I like something doesn’t mean I’m not reading critically. I am just not tearing apart everything for the sake of tearing it apart. I’ll address any issues I see but I’ve seen a lot of people that seem to want to offend others. I know it probably gets them more views and riles everyone up but I just don’t feel like calling everyone trash for liking something.


  7. These are so awesome. As far as the YA contemporary authors you mentioned, I won’t be picking them up for the same reason. Plenty of people love then and for that I’m glad, but they’re not for me. Also, I think any book format is reading…why do people need to slam audiobooks/ebooks/physical books? I don’t even like audiobooks but I have always thought they counted as reading. Geesh!

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  8. I, too, have wondered about the people that are always posting very low reviews. I get that we all read books that we thought we would enjoy but didn’t. But everytime??? I wouldn’t be a reader if that was the case for myself. I read because I LOVE it!

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    1. Same. I know reviewers get pushed something into being edgy and critical because it can bring them more views but I don’t personally get it. If you don’t like something, great – review it. How in the world can you hate everything though? Maybe time for a new hobby lol


  9. I’m with you on rating 2-3 stars even though they’re enjoyable books. I rarely rate a book 2 stars, only if it’s extremely boring that I find it a chore to read. My three stars is for “Fine” or “Just OK” books. And yeah my goodreads is filled with 4 and 5 stars.

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  10. Yes so much to the audiobook judgment! Let people consume books however they want to. I hear you when it comes to contemporaries. I love Kasie West, but she is literally the only white author I reach for when it comes to the genre. I want all the diverse contemporaries instead.

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    1. Ok, to be totally fair I haven’t read a Kasie West and I really should. I mean I throw her name out there every time I mention straight, white, cute contemporary. It’s probably only fair I at least read one lol I mean I could love it despite myself lol I do prefer diverse contemporary or really geeky contemporary.


    1. Oh hating on hype is a big thing. It’s very popular to say that you refuse to read a book because it’s hyped or to trash a book because it’s hyped. It’s a bit silly, in my opinion. Let people enjoy it – it’s not that serious lol


  11. 100% agree with you on being confused by people who seem to get pleasure out of rating most of what they read low. There are people on goodreads whose average ratings are like a 1.75 or 2%. Like, are they reading in the wrong genre, or what? I think some people like to be contrarian with their ratings, and it shows in the way their averages take a hit.

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  12. Readers giving a lot of 2/3 star reviews is really frustrating to me as well haha. Then they really choose wrong books to read a lot of the time imo. But… it also depends on how you see a certain star rating. Because 3 stars is still a good read to me > when reading a 3 star book, I’d still read a follow up book for example. To me, a 3 star book is one that I had remarks on but that had enjoyable elements as well. But reading numerous of 2 star reads? Then I’d definitely go in search of something else to read, because when it’s constantly happening, you’re just picking out the wrong books haha. I’ve become really selective as to what I want to read and most of the time know by reading a synopsis if it’s going to be something I like or not. And I think that because of this, at least a little bit, I thankfully tend to read a lot of 4/5 star reads. It’s always wait and see what the author’s writing is like, but knowing myself as a reader is really helpful in this I think. I’d hate it, if I’d read so many 2 star books or even 3 stars, who are okay but not amazing to me.

    I have a love/hate relationship with hypes haha! If I have read the book before it became a HYPE (like say the shadow hunter books by Cassandra Clare, Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and a recent one; a Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid), I totally love it because I love seeing an author getting all the love he/she deserves. But if the book is suuuuper hyped before I have bought and read it, I tend to end up disappointed or not really impressed when reading it? Lol. That’s why I always wait a long time to read hyped books by new to me authors that are hyped before I had a chance of reading them, lol.

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    1. Oh yeah totally. I should’ve been more clear about the rating comment. It was more at the people that seem to just rate everything low for the sake of it. I don’t get it – it sounds miserable and I wouldn’t do it for the views lol I can understand a hate read from time to time but reading nothing but that – I guess to each their own lol

      Oh I get it about hype – it gets really intense and sometimes I feel like I’ve read it because I hear so much about it. It kind of takes away the magic but yeah totally glad when authors finally start making some actually money. Most people don’t seem to realize that very few authors can actually make a living at it and they usually have a full-time job on top of writing.

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  13. The only dystopian I’ve ever read has come from Suzanne Young with her Program series and I LOOOOOOVED it!!! Crazy reads!


  14. I quite like the “Ella Enchanted” film. It’s cute and bright and funny, and yeah. I like it. 🙂 I always want to enjoy reviewing/rating books, so while I may round up a rating some of the time, my review is always an honest reflection of what I thought. If I gush it’s because I genuinely DID love it. If I talk about what I did enjoy about the book, but not much else, then it wasn’t a favorite, but I also want readers to know, they may enjoy it, so I don’t want to be too negative. Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland last week. Apologies I’m just now circling back here.


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