Indigo: We Hunt The Flame Unboxing


Unboxing time! This is a Canadian box from Indigo/Chapters, which is a bookstore that is all over Canada.  Basically a Canadian Barnes and Nobles type of place.  They have started to get into curating these cute little boxes that you can pick up from select YA titles.  This is the second box I’ve purchased, the first one was a King of Scars box and I was pleased with it.  This is a curated box for We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizel.

I believe this box can still be purchased at Indigo for $29.99 Canadian.  I’m not sure what the rates are American.  Funny thing is, is that I actually cancelled this box because another sub box that I ordered was going to have this book in it – but they still ended up sending this to me for no charge by mistake I guess, so win? Ok let’s get to the little unboxing.


Overall photo of the box, sorry about the lighting on this one.  The light kept reflecting off the bookmarks.


We Hunt The Flame Signed Edition by Hafsah Faizal  – Book is stunning, but there is nothing exclusive about this but it’s nice to have a signed copy.


 We Hunt the Flame Bookmarks – These are super cute and I love the little dangly arrows on them.  Make a cute little addition to it.

We Hunt the Flame Character Candles – These are extra special I think because they come from IceyDesigns, which is the authors own Etsy type store.  This means she designed and created these candles herself.  How cool is that? These are VERY strong scents, if you like incense then these will be beautiful to you.  I do find them too strongly but I will use them for display.  I should note that I really appreciate that she went with authentic scents for the book – I thought that was a lovely choice.


Random book samplers and letter from author – I mostly see this stuff as kind of junk but the little book with four samples in it is kind of cool.  I’ve never seen one that big before.  I don’t tend to read samples though because once I start reading, I want to just go and not be stopped LOL

Overall, cute little box and it wasn’t much more than buying the book alone so I feel it’s worth it.


14 thoughts on “Indigo: We Hunt The Flame Unboxing

  1. Can’t beat a free box! I love the candles ❤️ I did get the owlcrate and shelflove crate box that featured this book.

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  2. So pretty! I’m always so jealous of these boxes but then can never bring myself to spend the money on them. ha. Thanks for sharing!


  3. This box looks sooo good! I especially think that the bookmarks look beautiful, plus I’ve never had a bookish candle before and I desperately want one. It’s also so cool that you got this box for free with no charge! We Hunt the Flame is actually one of my most anticipated releases for the year, and I still haven’t read it yet honestly what am I doing with my life 🤦‍♀️

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    1. It was certainly lucky – not something that ever happens to me. It showed up and I was so confused – I won’t complain though! It was a nice little surprise! Girl, I know how you feel – I ask myself that question daily LOL I am hoping to get to the book soon but knowing me that is a lie LOL


  4. That cover is so pretty! I love those bookmarks, though! They’re so pretty. And the candle thing is really neat. I have a very weak sense of smell, so strong candles are perfect for me (poor hubby, though, who has a very sensitive nose haha). So neat that the author made them herself.


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