Game of Thrones Series Finale Hangover Kit

It’s here everyone! Are you all as scared as I am for the series finale tonight? It’s been quite a wild road, for better or worse – it all ends tonight.  I really wish they would’ve given us an extra season because with what all is going on, they really needed to develop those story lines but I digress.  I promised one last Game of Thrones post, so here it is! A post to help you with that Game of Thrones hangover you will be feeling later! Enjoy!


giphy (5).gif

Cuddle your own dire wolves (dogs are acceptable!) and curse the day you ever laid eyes on Jon Snow! HE DIDN’T EVEN SAY GOODBYE!!!!

giphy (2).gif

Head downtown in your favorite Stevie Nicks outfit and peach the Lord of Light’s message, ‘For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors.”

giphy (1).gif

Sign up for a local fencing class to prepare for any enemies who might dare try and come between you and your love of all things Westeros.


Feed anyone who dares to speak poorly of one of your favorite books to the dogs.


Dress-up your furbabies as dragons and then proceed to walk through fire and become the Mother Of Dragons you knew you were always born to be.

giphy (3).gif

Ask random questions at the grocery store and then no matter the answer, stomp off shouting, “You Know Nothing Jon Snow.”

giphy (10)

Channel your inner Cersei and call up one of your siblings and….. er…. scratch that ….. WINE! DRINK WINE! SO MUCH WINE!

giphy (11)

Get your girlfriends together and head out dancing and find yourself your own sexy Dothraki lord!

giphy (6)

Camp out with a large blanket in front of your workplace door screaming “Hodor” and sobbing uncontrollably.

giphy (7)

And, last but not least… if anyone tries to convince you that Daenerys was not the most kind, patient and benevolent ruler for Westeros, you know what to do!

5 books longer

Hope you guys have had fun reading my Sunday Game of Thrones posts as much as I’ve had writing them.  They’ve gotten lots more views than I expected and lots of you even were inspired to do your own posts with your takes on it! Super exciting.  Hope the series finale doesn’t completely destroy us all LOL


5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Series Finale Hangover Kit

  1. This is so awesome! I am still reeling from that finale, but I will always have fond memories of the journey. And wine, thank goodness for wine.


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