Owlcrate Special Edition Finale Unboxing

It’s finally here! When I heard Owlcrate was doing a special edition box for the release of Finale by Stephanie Garber, I was all in.  I made sure I was on at the exact time that they went on sale to grab one, so I’m happy to say I got one and it’s here! This box was actually curated with the help of Stephanie Garber herself, so that makes it a little extra special I think! Alright, let’s see what is in this baby!


Here is an overall picture of everything that came in the box.  I believe this cost around $35 US or so.  I thought that was pretty reasonable, considering a lot of the special edition boxes can be $80 and up.


Owlcrate Exclusive Signed Edition of Finale by Stephanie Garber – I love this edition.  I always love having a different edition that not too too many people have.  This one is beautiful, it’s very dark and the heart really pops.  I don’t know if I like this one or the original better.  Both are lovely.


Caraval Art Prints – These are lovely art prints of Scarlett and Julian and Tella and Dante.  I think I like the Scarlett one best of these two.

Caraval Tote Bag – Very high quality and the bag is HUGE! Very roomy, you could bring this to the library or school and fit a good stack of books in there.  Love it.  Material is nice and soft as well.

Caraval Pillowcase – This is a cushion pillowcase.  I think it’s really pretty but I think I’d like it more if it had been a black background or something, it would just be easier to match things in my living room then.  I’ll def use it though.  Also, good quality and very soft.


Deck of Destiny Playing Cards – If you’ve seen this unboxed anywhere in the community then you know that people are going nuts for these cards and for good reason, I mean LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES! One of my favorite items that I have ever gotten in an OC box.  At first I thought they were just pretty playing cards, but to find out that a bunch of them had fanart on them! Stunning illustrations of various characters, as well as the fates.  The cards are VERY high quality.  They feel amazing to touch – it sounds weird but it’s true. They also have a stunning gold trim around them all and the backs are beautiful as well. My favorite item in the box, hands down.

Caraval Tin Box – We got one of these awhile back with Holly Black quote on it and now we have this one.  I love it.  It’s beautiful and such a nice decorative piece.  I haven’t decided what I will store in it.  Perhaps the cards?

Caraval Citrus and Sea Salt Candle – Can this candle be anymore beautiful? Look at the little heart and gems in it? It’s so precious.  You can see the cover and label in the bottom right corner – Master of Caraval.  I don’t really smell anything other than citrus but it smells INCREDIBLE.  It’s like a really really sweet orange or something.  By far my favorite candle they’ve ever sent.

Finale Enamel Pin – You could get 1-3 of these pins.  I got the Finale one which is stunning.  There are ones for Caraval and Legendary as well.  It would be amazing to get the whole set.  I’ve seen them all and they are all stunning.

Finale Sticker – Just a little cute sticker, that will go straight onto my book journal/planner

Strawberry Shower Steamer – What a treat! I love all things bath and shower related so I love when we get anything like this.  I have never tried a shower steamer, so this will be a first.  If any of you are 80s kids, this smells EXACTLY like the Strawberry Shortcake doll and I’m living for it.

This box was five stars all day long for me.  Well done Owlcrate, this was a huge step up for me from their first two special edition boxes.


What did you think of this special edition box? Did you get it? Did you have a favorite item? Let me know in the comments below!


20 thoughts on “Owlcrate Special Edition Finale Unboxing

  1. OH MY GOODNESS. The excitement is unreal! I got up at 3:30AM on a Monday morning just so I could order this box. It’s still on its way to me (and I probs won’t get it until the end of the month because I live so far away lol) but I am SO excited. Everything is gorgeous 😍

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  2. I’m loving that cover. I picked up my pre-order of Finale yesterday. I had to pre-order it because I wanted the hidden cover (I’m in the UK) and Waterstones managed to get a signed copy so bonus!
    Gemma @ Gemma’s Book Nook

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  3. I got this box too. It arrived on the 8th and love everything about this box. I got the Caraval pin. I heard somewhere that they ordered extra of the pins and will give people who ordered the box a chance to buy the other two pins.

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  4. I got this box too and it was amazing. I got the Caraval pin. Definitely worth it to me. Look forward to the next special edition box

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