Top Ten Tuesday#26: Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Need to Read


Hey guys! It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday, which is currently being run by the lovely Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl.  We knew instantly that we wanted to take part in this weekly meme because both of us love making list, so this is perfect!

This week’s (May 7th, 2019) topic is: Characters That Remind Me of Myself.  I’m not really feeling this topic this week, so I changed it to Books by My Favorite Authors That I Still Need to Read.  

Mirielle is on hiatus for May due to unforeseen circumstances, so I’ll be doing this myself this month.   Let’s get this started!



Beneath the Sugar Sky and In An Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire
The Wayward Children series is one of my all-time favorites, at least the first two are.  Why haven’t I read the last two in the series? That’s a great freaking question, one I have zero good answers to.  It’s going to happen soon.

Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy and Vicious Duology by Victoria Schwab
I think Schwab is a brilliant writer.  She is is a master at creating complex worlds and characters, yet I still haven’t read her the one she is most famous for (DSoM).  I am not sure if I’ll get to both of these this year but hopefully I’ll knock at least one of these sets out.

Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo
I know! Stop booing at me! I get it! This is one I’m determined to read this year – I have no good excuses.  It’s been high on my TBR for a couple years and just gets pushed back for one thing or another.  NO MORE! I’m getting this done this year!


Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
I have to admit, I’ve been holding off on these on purpose.  Jay is a notorious rat bastard for cliffhangers and I just can’t take it.  I am probably doing the series this year though, when Darkdawn comes out and I don’t have to deal with a year of not knowing.


Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas
I’m kind of surprised that this series still hasn’t happened yet for me.  I’m a huge ACOTAR fan and I keep meaning to read this series but it’s so big and such a commitment.  It was one of my big goals this year to read it, but honestly – I have too many other series in front of it right now.  I have a feeling it will be on my goals list again next year.  Opps!

Coldest Girl in Coldtown and Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black
Let’s be real, I’m so behind on Holly’s work – it’s not even funny.  I’ve only read The Cruel Prince, so I basically need to read everything this woman has written.  I think I will start with these two next.


My Plain Jane by Cynithia Hand, Brodi Aston and Jodi Meadows
My Lady Jane is one of my all-time favorite books.  I could re-read it a million times and I was dying for the release of My Plain Jane and I still haven’t read this.  I feel like I do this often.  Get my most anticipated books, then let them sit on the shelves for a year before I read them – I judge me so hard.


Most of the Stalking Jack the Ripper Series by Kerri Maniscalco
Again, I have nothing to say.  I live for horror and love when it’s mixed with historical/gothic fiction.  The main reason I didn’t get this done is because we had a series read for this in TBR and Beyond last year and, of course, I got sick and couldn’t keep up.  This year, this is one of the series I’m determined to get done.


The Iron Flower by Laurie Forest
I adored the first book, The Black Witch and was really looking forward to the sequel but just haven’t gotten to it yet.  I also have the bind out of a couple of novellas that I’m looking foward to reading as well.


City of Bastards by Andrew Schvarts
The first in this trilogy, Royal Bastards, kind of flew under the radar and didn’t get the best of reviews but whatever.  I thought it was fantastic and I’m excited to read the second book in the series and I believe the last book is coming out in June or July, so I can finish this one off this year!


Do you have books that you still need to read from some of your favorite authors? Are you in the same boat with any of these books? Let me know in the comments below!



47 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday#26: Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Need to Read

  1. There are a few books by fave authors I still have to read. Hope you get a chance to get to a few.

    Confession: I’ve never read a Sarah J. Maas novel. I have most of her books, and they’re just sitting on the bookshelf.

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  2. I found this week’s topic a bit difficult, I had no idea, maybe someone else should say which books remind them of us, so I didn’t do it either.
    I hadn’t enjoyed Wayward Children that much but I actually really liked book 3 so I hope you do too. I still have to read book 4, I will read it later this month for a readathon, but I am excited once again for the series.
    Well, I actually read Grisha for the first time this year so I cannot say anything about you having not read Six of Crows, since I only got to it last month.I hope you’re happy with it and enjoy it as much as her other books!
    I have also been waiting on on Nevernight for similar reasons; I preferred the whole series to be out before I start it, but I also read his first book earlier this year, Illuminae, and I kind of want to finish it before reading another one of his.
    You have some amazing books on here, most of them from series, so I am sure you’ll enjoy them once you get to them. Happy reading!

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    1. Thank you. Sorry to hear you didn’t care for the Wayward Children books but I’m glad you liked number three – I’m excited to try it for sure.

      I hope you love the Jay Kristoff books! He’s a really fun writer!!! Happy reading!


  3. I could never boo you for not having time to read a book (yet). I finally got around to reading anything by Leigh Bardugo. Then I read the entire Grisha Verse trilogy and the Six of Crows duology. But I still haven’t read anything by VE Schwab yet… even though I say I’m going to read her books EVERY Top Ten Tuesday (I think).

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    1. Thank you. I feel so behind all the time but there is never enough time in a year to get everything read. I wish there was! Oh! Schwab is such a fantastic writer – I really do love her! I hope you get to her and love her as much as I do ❤


  4. I haven’t yet read Throne of Glass, either. One day…

    I’m very bad about getting to my Owlcrate and Litjoy books. I don’t know why I have such a hard time picking them up. I want to read them, I just.. Don’t. It’s weird.

    I’m also really bad about finishing series. There’s several (All For the Game, Raven Boys, American King) I just don’t seem to find time to finish the series. It’s like I’m sabotaging myself because I don’t want them to be over lol

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    1. Oh my god, don’t even get me started on my OC books. I plan on doing a big post on all the OC books I have and what I’ve read and such. It’s awful. I’m interested in like 80% of them at least and they just sit there. I’m so bad for it.

      Oh god I do that as well – Raven Boys is also on my list. I just forgot about it lol Let’s just cry together about our reading habits lol


  5. I just finished the fourth book in the Wayward Children series last month. It was so good, I highly recommend finishing them soon! Especially since they are fairly short! I also really enjoyed Nevernight and and the Six of Crows duology.

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  6. I have yet to read a book by Seanan McGuire. I know I need to get on that! But yes, you definitely need to pick up Six of Crows and Throne of Glass!! I’m so behind on reading Jay Kristoff, too. Great list!!

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  7. I enjoyed V.E. Schwab’s Monsters of Verity! I’m hoping to pick up ADSOM and Vicious this year! I loved Six Of Crows! I hope you enjoy it when you finally get around to it! I binged the entire TOG series this year and I really loved it! Nevernight Chronicles is one of my favorite series! Binge-ing this series is a great idea because the first two book has huge cliffhanger which’ll leave you dying for the next book! I haven’t read Seanan McGuire’s book but I’ve heard great things about that series!


  8. I hope you enjoy Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom!!! I love Leigh Bardugo and have almost read everything by her I am missing two of her books! i also love Marie Lu and I think I’m just missing her Batman novel there XD


  9. Beneath the sugar sky and In an Absent Dream were great so I hope you will enjoy them too. The next one is out next January so you do still have some time. 😉


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