Mini Reviews Graphic Novels: I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young FULL SERIES – Vol 1 – 4.

I only started reading graphic novels a couple of years ago but now I just love them.  I picked up this series during a read-a-thon for graphic novels we did in TBR and Beyond and had so much fun on this journey with the insane Gertude and her sidekick Larry.  I normally don’t do full reviews on graphic novels, so I thought this would be a perfect time for some mini reviews!


I Hate Fairyland Vol 1: Madly Ever After  hearts5

This was everything! It’s such a crazy, twisted and amazingly fun adventure. I love the idea of a 30-something trapped in a child’s body and stuck in a happy, sugar-coated world gertaxeand has been driven completely homicidally insane because she has been trying to finish her quest and go back home for years. Our protagonist, Gertude, is one violent chick and I loved every minute watching her hack and slash her way through too many creatures than I can count. I think a lot of us can relate to the character’s very cynical view on things, Gert just deals with things more extreme – a giant axe, kind of extreme LOL Gert also has a drunken fly, Larry, as her sidekick and although their relationship is twisted, confused and resentful – I’m still totally calling them friendship goals! I need a drunk, sarcastic fly having my back! Larry is better than stupid Jimminey Cricket any day of the week and I’ll fight anyone that says different.

At the end of the day, I Hate Fairyland takes classics like Oz and Wonderland and turns them on their head. Completely recommend this if you like satire, bright, vibrant graphics and crazy over-the-top violence and gore


I Hate Fairyland Vol 2: Fluff My Life        hearts5

Skottie did it again with his second volume of this hilarious graphic novel series! Gert ismaxresdefault still on her epic quest looking for that damn key, so she can go home and be with her parents. Every now and then Gert makes a reference to just wanting to go home and it’s a great reminder of why this poor girl went completely homicidal. I’d kill some bitches too if they took me away from my family! This volume changes things up by bringing in some competition for Gert with a pint sized, adorable young girl named Happy. Happy is a great addition and completely cracks me up with her sweet but kind of psychotic personality. I dug it.

Also, loved the inclusive of DarkDeathe – it was so hilarious. Of course Gert would bond with someone like that, was there ever any doubt? The story is full of lots sass, crass and, of course, GORE! SO. MUCH. GORE.  That ending was perfect.


I Hate Fairyland Vol 3          hearts5

Fluffing fluffer fluff!!! This might be my favorite volume in the series. Get is back and 20180204_103235better than ever and the satire has reached a boiling point! Oh my god, so much yes. It’s not a secret that I’m a Labyrinth fan and I pretty much screamed with joy when Jareth, The Goblin King made an appearance like what even?!!?!? I have been blessed by the book gods with this one I tell you! All of the jabs at fantasy and purposing to young girls was flipping hilarious and Gert handled it like a pro…. with a big axe LOL 
This was pretty much my dream graphic novel – it was a shout out to anyone who loves the geek culture. We even get a convention, which Gert is all over and also finds out that she has her own obsessed/stalker fan. I also love that we get Larry’s backstory of sorts – gave him more character and some of it was a bit gross LOL Overall, great addition and am still loving this series


I Hate Fairyland Vol 4 : Sadly Never After      hearts 3

Skottie, what happened? This series has been five stars all the way through for me and maxresdefault (1)then I read the very last volume and all I can think to say is “that’s it?” It wasn’t terrible but it was so lackluster and I expected so much for a finale from the book. I wanted, no NEEDED more from this story. I mean it has some cool stuff in it – Gert’s punishment in hell was fitting and cute but that is really all I even remember. There wasn’t much in the way of dialogue – half of it was just full pages of photos. The art work is still fun and gory, but I think most fans of the series will find this a huge let down. Still love Gert though

5 books longer


Have you read this series or any of the volumes? What did you think? If you haven’t read this one, do you think it would be for you or complete pass! Let me know in the comments!


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