February 2019 Fairyloot Unboxing SPOILERS


The theme for February was Beauty and The Beast, so let’s get to it.

FL feb 3.jpg


A Curse So Dark And Lonely – I got this box partly because I knew it was this book that was going to be in it. When they announced the the theme, they mentioned that the jacket would have foil and a built in bookmark I just knew I had to get it then. The book is smaller (not in pages but actual size) then what I expected, it’s almost the size of a mass market paperback

Morrigan and Rhysand tarot cards – Again, these are stunning. I’m so glad to have these.

Beauty and the Beast Tapestry – This is huge. It’s beautiful but it’s so big. I won’t be putting it on my wall, just cause that is not my style, I prefer framed artwork. I might turn it into a blanket or something.

Spakly Beauty and the Beast tumbler – I really like this tumbler, it has the enchanted rose on one side and Tale as Old as Time on the other side. Plus it’s full of glitter.

Ceramic trinket dish – I really like this. It’s different and cute.

Roll on perfume – when I opened the box and saw this in it my immediate reaction was oh dear this is going to smell horrible. But this smells sooooo good. It says vanilla and white tea, but it reminds me of the smell of one of my Strawberry Shortcake doll I had as a kid. I will definitely will be using it.

Enchanted rose enamel pin – It’s lovely though I don’t really do anything with pins, but it’s nice.

Belle print – it’s really nice. I will probably fram it and put it on my wall near my bookcase.

I thought I’d leave you with a picture of one of the nicest bookplate I’ve seen and of the shiny spine.


Overall another great box from Fairloot. What did you guys think? Have you gotten this box?



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