January 2019 OWLCRATE Unboxing – SPOILERS




Head’s up I didn’t love this box, I liked it.  I’m very honest with my review of the items and may have thrown a little shade in a couple places.  However, if you loved all the items than that is wonderful, that makes me happy.  If I don’t like something that you love, please remember it’s not a personal attack.  Just a difference of opinion.

Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi Exclusive Signed OC Edition – I’ve read this and loved it.  You can check out my non-spoiler review HERE  – The actual difference in the editions is very slight.  The decorative part is silver instead of gold and the flowers are blue instead of purple.  I think it looks beautiful.


Gilded Wolves Enamel Pin – OC has officially switched from the little buttons the give monthly to higher quality exclusive enamel pins.  I like the change a lot.  This one goes with Gilded Wolves and it looks beautiful.

Lord of the Rings Letter Opener – If I’m going to be honest, I hate this item.  I have a weird quirk about unfinished wood.  I HATEEE the feel of it – it freaks me right out.  I will pass this along to someone who can actually take it out of the package and use it (STOP JUDGING ME LOL).


Golden Compass Wall Hanging – Another item that I don’t like at all.  I have never read the book but I really want to.  I was actually excited for this item but it looks like something that should’ve went into OC Jr – it’s just not something that I’d hang anywhere as an adult and if I’m going to get a little savage here – the illustration of the polar bear looks like a bad stock image – just saying…

Grishaverse Bracelet – This is very pretty, it’s supposed to be antlers but it looks very much like branches.  It goes REALLY well with the acorn necklace from The Wicked King limited box they did.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Socks – These are cute and they are nice and cozy warmer ones which I like.  I do have health issues and my feet swell because of it (TMI, I know – you’re welcome!), so hopefully these will fit nice.

Darker Shade of Magic Pouch – This is stunning.  It has a different quote on both sides and I really like the material.  It’s a canvas material but super soft, not that scratchy junk.  My only issue with this is – HOW MANY POUCHES DO WE NEED OWLCRATE? Like have you run out of ideas, so you just panic and say “Give them a pouch, yes a pouch will do.  Everyone loves a pouch!”  No! Chill out with these, we’ve gotten like four at least in the last year.

Overall, I liked most of the items but nothing blew me out of the water (book excluded).  It was kind of a meh box for me.   If they are starting to give us enamel pins then why haven’t they given us anything to display them on? They should’ve given us one forever ago for all the buttons they sent.  I guess they are too busy ordering pouches…. *side eye*


Did you get the box this month? What did you think? Did you love everything? Hate everything? Let me know below!!


13 thoughts on “January 2019 OWLCRATE Unboxing – SPOILERS

  1. I liked the wall hanging well enough, though I would’ve liked it better if it’d come with a way to hang it, like a dowel rod or something like that Dumbledore one they sent eons ago.

    The letter opener seemed a bit out of the blue, but my SO suggested using it as a bookmark instead so I may do that.

    Maybe a large canvas item could be sent in the future for the pins! I really like the enamel one they sent and I think it adds to the value of the box, considering how much they go for in shops.

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  2. That pouch is beautiful! I agree that they send a lot, but the ones I’ve gotten have come in handy when traveling. I like to separate a lot of my little stuff when packing and it helps. But I have ones I’ve purchased, so if I get many more, I’ll have way too many. I’ve given some to my daughter, too.

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  3. I liked the box but was meh about the book. I wasn’t really interested in reading it, but maybe it’ll surprise me. I agree about the wall hanging. I didn’t want to take it out of the packaging so I looked for spoilers on IG. I haven’t cared for the previous pouches until this one. I love it! And I *did* think the bracelet was related to The Cruel Prince/The Wicked King. lol. Clearly I didn’t ready the spoiler card.

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    1. Yeah, I would’ve never guessed Grishaverse for the bracelet. It matches the Wicked King stuff perfect. This is def the best pouch by far. I haven’t care about the other ones at all. I’m sick of getting pouches but I couldn’t be mad at this one because it’s stunning.


  4. ahaha, I hate getting pouches, so I was cracking up at the shade, tbh. but I do like that softer material instead of the rough sandpapery kind we sometimes get, grr.

    wow, I totally thought that bracelet was branches, I didn’t get the antler vibe at all, hmm.

    I actually like the letter opener, and the socks are great, always love getting bookish socks. but while I thought the tapestry was cute, I agree with it not being easy to hang.


  5. I got my first Owlcrate box this month. I like the items well enough. I like the collectable pins but not sure what I’ll do with them. The pouch is gorgeous, but I have already gotten a ton from Ipsy so I really didn’t need another one.

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