Owlcrate Wicked King Special Edition Unboxing



This Owlcrate is a little different than the regular monthly boxes, this was a limited special edition box for The Wicked King by Holly Black.  I believe this was also curated with Holly, which is pretty cool.  It was a little more costly and came with a few more items.  It is also the first time they’ve continued in a series with an exclusive cover that you can’t get anywhere else.  I should warn you now, that although I like a lot of the items – I don’t like them all and I’m giving my honest opinion.  If you loved everything in the box then that is super awesome – it just wasn’t a complete hit for me.



The High King Woodwick Candle – This is a really nice full sized item.  It is definitely more of a manly scent and it’s a little strong but not completely overpowering.  The smell is leather, oak, wood and moss.  I normally don’t light decorative candles but I really want to hear the woodwick crackle, so I’m def going to try it.

Acorn Necklace – This is very pretty.  It’s a little on the dainty side for me, but I might eventually wear it.  We’ll see.  It is lovely though.  I keep referring to it as the squirrel necklace in my head though – wtf even?

Faeire Fruit Tea – The flavors are fruit and elderflower.  Meh, I wish we could get some hot chocolate or something.  We aren’t all tea and coffee drinkers.  Just once Owlcrate!

Wicked King Scarf – I have to admit that I don’t really wear designed scarves.  I’m a little chubby person and it just takes off the little bit of neck that I have LOL It’s cute though – I’ll likely use it for IG pictures.


The Wicked King signed by Holly Black with an exclusive cover –  This one is so much nicer than the one they did for The Cruel Prince and I liked that one a lot.  I love this one though and I imagine they’ll do another one for the third book.  Very cool collector’s item.

Gem soap – I use body washes and not soap but I like the ingredients and it’s very pretty, so I’ll use it.

Zipper Pouch – I’m really getting over pouches from OC, not going to lie.  It’s a nice quality and a nice quote.  I really need to find a use of these things and then maybe I’ll appreciate them more.  Any ideas?

Tassel Bookmark – I hate to say this but I don’t think this is very nice.  It’s super basic and nothing I care about.  I wish they would’ve gotten a really cool one.


Jude and Carden art print by @meliescribbles – Gorgeous! This is the kind of stuff I wanted! Really beautiful artwork and something unique.  Possibly my favorite artwork I’ve seen of these two.  I plan on framing this one.

Enamel Pin – OC is switching from the little monthly buttons to a much higher quality quality enamel pin.  I didn’t think they would be doing this till January but it’s cool one made it in this box.  It’s very pretty.  I just have to figure out a way to display them.

*There was also a little Wicked King quote print and enamel pin that was something you got for pre-ordering Wicked King, so it’s cool that it came in the box because it was only for US residents and I’m in Canada.

Overall, I didn’t LOVE the box but I’m still glad I got it.  I loved a few items in it and the signed book with the exclusive cover is worth the price alone, so no real complaints.  Now, I’m still debating if I want to read this closer to the release date of the third book or brave the cliffhanger – I’ve heard it’s an intense one.

Did you get The Wicked King OC box? What did you think? Favorite or least favorite item? Let me know!


27 thoughts on “Owlcrate Wicked King Special Edition Unboxing

  1. I didn’t love every item either. My candle was so overpowering I cant even open it without getting an instant headache, which is so sad. I’ve wanted to try an alchemy and ink candle for a while so I’m pretty disappointed with that. I agree the bookmark wasn’t great. I thought it was pretty ugly tbh. My favourite items were the necklace, scarf, tea, pouch and pins. I cant use body products because of allergies so, that’s kind of sad

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    1. The candle was quite powerful. It didn’t knock me out as bad as some of the other manly smelling type candles do but I am sure it would trigger my migraines if I lit it. I really want to try it though for the wood wick lol

      Yeah, it really wasn’t a perfect box. Had some nice items but I thought there would be a WOW item like a really cool mug – ah well.

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  2. I 100% agree about the zipper pouch. It’s pretty and I’ll definitely find use for it, but that’s the 3rd one out of the last like 4 boxes. Overall I did really like the box though! I really hope they’ll do one for the 3rd book.

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  3. I adore that cover! I’ve been wanting to get a subscription box for a while, but can never decide which one I’d want to subscribe to.

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  4. I agree with the bookmark, they could have done a much better design. I don’t mind the pouches because I can always use them in crafting or traveling, but I wish they would send out some smaller or larger sizes!

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  5. Got this box and so glad about it too! I fell in love with The Cruel Prince last year and ended up collecting all three hardcover editions; now I’m on my way to having all three editions of The Wicked King as well. [But, no, I’m not obsessed. At alllll. Ahhum.]

    I think the cutest item, for me, is the necklace? But I have a thing with acorns and pinecones, so there’s that, haha. I’ve never had a candle with a woodwick so I’m looking forward to lighting that one eventually!

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