December 2018 Shelflove Crate Unboxing SPOILERS




Shelflove December unboxing


Amber & Dusk – Since I didn’t cancel my Owlcrate box I got this book twice. It sounds interesting not too sure when I’ll get to it but I will eventually.

The Night Circus Inspired Advertisement Poster – This is a cute one. I haven’t read The Night Circus yet, I tried last autumn but it wasn’t grabbing me. Also not sure if my poster has a defect or not it doens’t have a string to hang it up. It’s pretty heavy because of the wood so I do see this being hanged with just gummy. Might have to add a string to it.

The Belles Inspired Heat-Changing Mug – I love mugs. Starting to have quite a collection of these. I haven’t tried it so see what are the changes when it’s hot.

Books Are A Uniquely Portable Magic Ornement – Again not sure if mine is missing a string or not. The design is cute though, I might hang it somewhere on my bookshelf when I get new ones.

Grisha Inspired Face Mask – ok this was a completely new one for me in a book box. I like that they put it in and the fact that it’s inspired by Genya is brilliant. I must say when I turned the packaging around I was bit scared of it. It’s kinda weird, see picture below.

Shelflove December Mask


Rhysand Inspired 3D Pillow –  This has to be my favourite item in the box. I love A Court of Thorns and Roses and this little Rhys is so the cutest thing.

Shelflove december Rhysand plush

Again Shelflove Crate did a great job on this box. Did you get the box? What were your thoughts on it?




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