December 2018 Fairyloot Unboxing SPOILERS


This is my second Fairyloot Box and I always find they do an amazing job. The theme was Dragons. Now who doesn’t love darons?

Fairyloot dec

Fire & Heist – A heist and dragons, this books sound really good. I also love that the book is signed and not a book plate.

The Storm Crow Arc – This is the reason I wanted to get this box. When they annouced they were adding an arc and the description sounded like this book I just knew I had to grab it.

Glow in the dark dragon necklace – this neckace is super cute. I will need to test the glow in the dark part.

Pin flag – I was surprised when I open the box to find this flag but reading the card it made sense and I’m glad they included one. I’m starting to get a couple pins and actually don’t know what to do with them, so this is perfect.

Reading journal Yay! a book journal. This one is so nice the only thing I don’t like aout it is the binding. I prefer spiral binding itis easier to write in. I do have a bookish bigger one s I don’t know when I’ll use this one.

Abraxos and Toothless double-sided print – it’s a nice print, though the artwork is not the style I prefer but it’s still nice

Amren and Cassian tarot cards – I love all these trading cards / tarots cards that boxes have started doing.

Harry Potter book sleeve – This booksleeve is gorgeous. I am speechless over this item, here’s a shot of it so everyone can gush over it.

Fairyloot dec booksleeve


This was a brilliant box, definately will keep checking out their boxes. Very interested in their January one. Did you get the box? What were your thoughts on it?





5 thoughts on “December 2018 Fairyloot Unboxing SPOILERS

  1. Very cool! I don’t get fairyloot but I get Owlcrate. They had a reading journal again this year too! I love the idea, but I already track my reading in my bullet journal so I’m not sure I’ll actually use it.

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