November 2018 Shelflove Crate Unboxing – SPOILERS


Oh my god did this box take a long time to get here. Shelflove Crate were waiting on a particular item I believe, so it shipped around December 12th even if it was the November box. So let the unboxing begin

shelflove Nov.jpg


Blanca and Roja – This sound really interesting, my only issue is I’m not that big on magical realism, so I’m a bit scared to start this one.

Loki / Thor bookmark – I really like the artwork on this double-sided bookmark. I really like that they had it double-sided and the quality is pretty good. It’s very robust cardboard.

Sky in the Deep candle – you don’t see a lot of Sky in the Deep items so I’m really happy to get a candle inspired by it. The scent is interesting, it’s hard to say what it smells like, but the candle is pretty and they put sparkles on top.

Shadowhunter tumbler – I know nothing about the Shadowhunter, I feel very overwhelmed when I think about starting that series, so many books. The quality of the tumbler is ok, all plastic so I’m not sure if you put a hot beverage in it even if it’s double insulated. The artwork on it is gorgeous.

Three Dark Crows keychain – This is a cute keychain, but kind of unmemorable. I’m not too sure I would use it but I like that they chose Three Dark Crown series for it.

*Bonus Wolf trading card – I’ve been loving these. I skipped one box so it should be the only one I’m missing now hopefully I’ll find it online.

Alice in Wonderland pouch – Oh frakedy frak! I LOVE this pouch, I probably will use it as a clutch. It’s so pretty I just had to post a separate picture for it.

shelflove Nov clutch
I always feel Shelflove Crate do a great job at curating their boxing, I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with one. Did you get the box? What were your thoughts on it?





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