November 2018 Wrap-Up


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I had a MUCH bigger TBR planned for this month but it never happened.  I got a new puppy and she took over my life mostly (in the best way!).  I’m still really happy with my reads this month because as you can see by the ratings, I had a great month quality wise and that is what is most important.

I don’t really know what my favorite read was this month.  They were all fantastic so I refuse to choose!

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I’m pretty happy with my month, I read 4 books and 4 Graphic Novels:

My favourite reads of the month were Lifel1k3 and The Magician’s Land.

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25 thoughts on “November 2018 Wrap-Up

  1. omg you’ve read so many awesome books. I’m especially excited to see the 5stars for a Curse so Dark and Lonely haha! I lovedddd that book so so much and I was in search of other people who love it just as much and now I found one, YAY! haha. Going to check out the reviews of the ones I haven’t read yet, later. Really curious about some of these books that I haven’t read yet myself.

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