GIVEAWAY! The Gilded Wolves ARC!


gilded2 (1)


We wanted to start our blog off with a bang, so we decided to do a fun contest for everyone! Want to win one of the most anticipated YA releases of next year? We have a copy of The Gilded Wolves ARC by Roshani Chokshi up for grabs! All you have to do is subscribe to this blog and you are automatically entered!  International is welcome!

This contest begins today (November 12, 2018) and ends on Sunday (November 18th, 2018) The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or we will draw again.

We are lucky enough to be having Roshani join us for a live chat in January on the TBR and Beyond group, so this felt like the perfect first prize for the blog.  Please don’t subscribed, just to unfollow after.  We’ll be having lots more fun contests and content in the future! Thank you all for your amazing support.  Good luck everyone!

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32 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! The Gilded Wolves ARC!

      1. Thanks for following back! Sometimes I second-guess the name because it doesn’t really give a proper idea of what my blog is about (maybe I should start reviewing the cats I meet!), but it’s true to who I am, so it’s stuck!

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